November 1, 2010

Cutting Machine

I've been keeping a little secret from you - I bought a Silhouette and it arrived a few weeks ago.  You might have guessed from some of my recent projects where I put it to use (follow the links to see the posts):
--countdown bunting
--jack-o-lantern jar
--cupcake liners

I just had to buy one when I didn't win any of the giveaways that were going on all over blogland a while ago - they talked it up so much I knew it would be fabulous.  I have never used a Cricut or any other craft cutter, so I have no comparison - but I really enjoy the Silhouette.  It's not perfect - I had it eat a couple of things, but it might have been user error (I am cheap so I tried re-using paper that already had cut-outs on it, so they got caught - oops!) and when I cut cupcake liners out of thick paper it didn't cut quite all the way through (once again, probably user error because I didn't change any paper settings) - - so maybe it's just that I need to know what I'm doing.


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I did the same thing...bought one because I couldn't win it! I love mine, but it did take me some trial and error. I would love the accessory bundle and would make some cute silhouette magnets (my kids, not the machine) to send to grandparents in their Christmas package.

I'm thinking I may need to add one of these to my Christmas list!

The bundle pack would be great! I'd love to do something fun with the magnets for Christmas!

I would make Christmas pillowcases with the bundle!! FAB!!

I would really like to make some heat transfers but, if my daughter got wind of it, my guess is it would be all about the tattoos.

we would make some magnets!

Oh my.....I love this machine!!! I want one!! I make birthday and holiday banner and this would make it SO much easier to make the lettering than printing it off the computer and cutting it out!!!

The etched glass vases/candleholders. they could be some seriously uniques gifties!

I want one too! I love the idea of making banners or the etched glass idea is great too! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love this giveaway!! I would love to make some of those custom tshirts! Love the idea of giving them as gifts!! Love the Silouette blog too!!

I would make some tattoos to add some fun to presents!

The first thing I'd make would be some cute new tops for my daughter. Just go out and buy some plain shirts at the dollar store, come home and ta-da! apply a little cuteness here and there and she'll looks like a million bucks! thanks for the opportunity!

want to make some etched glasses for NYE! actually i should probably learn how to use the machine first! I just pulled it out of the box! thanks!

I was just trying to figure out where to get stuff to make temporary tattoos! Good timing. I would use those for my daughters's birthday party in 3 months. I would probably make art for my youngest daughter's room with the transfer paper.

LOTS of T Shirts. My kids have BIG personalities, and I like to make their shirts show them off.

This is such a great giveaway! I love that you don't have to have a silhouette to use these products. I would make some shirts or decorate some bags for the holidays.

I love my silhouette and have been dying to try the tattoo paper. I sure hope I win!

I would love to win the bundle! The tattoo paper looks so fun!
amo72 at ymail dot com

I'm a new Silhouette owner myself and I'm going craft-crazy with it! Don't you just love it? And I have used a Circut before and like this better. :)

Well I might as well sign up! I don't have a silhouette, but would love to try their stuff anyways!

I would love to make my own t-shirt transfers. I don't have a Silhouette, but I'm hoping to win one someday. If not, I'll just get really good at using scissors!=)Thanks for the giveaway!

well, I would love to make some cute magnets but I think holiday shirts would be first on the list!

I did the same thing as well...HAD to buy it and although I haven't had the time to fully utilize and learn it! I love it thus far!

For the bundle pack I would make so many Christmas gifts! Tattoo's for the kiddos in my life, magnets for family members, and some cute holiday t-shirts for everyone!

We're already thinking about my daughter's birthday festivities and I would love to make some cute t-shirts for the party goers!

My little one turns one this month. I would love to make her a cute shirt for her special day!! Pick me please

I would love to make cute shirts for my kids! I think this would be so fun!

I would make a cute shirt for my little gradbaby, and a cool bee for my wall, and a nativity silhouette. Pick me please!

I would make a shirt for my daughter with the heat transfer! I am thinking a little sister shirt!

Shirts, Designs on your wall, Etched glass. Could I only pick one! WOw, I love it.

Etched candle holders and tatoos, will be great!

I love the tattoos and the etched glass fishbowl!

The first thing I would do is shirts for my grandchildren. Then I would try the etched glass.
mare460 at

I would love to make custom shirts for my twin girls' 5th birthday!

I would make fun Christmas iron-ons for my kids' stockings out of the white, and then go nuts making my own travel games using the magnet paper. (And I love my Silhouette machine!)

Great giveaway! I'm thinking I would make some pillows and t-shirts.

cereza25 at yahoo dot com

I would probably make something for my daughters bday party coming up! Magnets or tattoos.

i would like to make my dauhter a custom sweatshirt with her name and some pretty design on it, neat product.

I would work on some Christmas decorations - I so want this machine - thanks for the chance at winning it!

I'll embellish shirts for me and my son :)

Temporary tattoos for sure! My kids would be thrilled!

I'd etch my last name into my baking pans with the etching creme so there are no more mix-ups!

I would make myself a shoulder bag with some cute iron on flowers :)

I would make some cute Thanksgiving tattoos for my kids.

I would make an apron/chefs hat for my brother for Christmas. Fun! I hope I win!

I would make custom t-shirts for my kids and nieces and nephews with the heat transfers. :) Thank you for the opportunity!

I would use it for everything!!! I love this. I almost bought a cricut a couple weeks ago but I think I might rather have this. Talk about great! I love that you don't have to have cartridges for every single font. This is fantastic!!!! Hope I win!!!

I would make everything under the sun....a cute pillow to match my bed, It would go great on the outfit I am working on for my friends little girls 1st birthday, some holiday decorations, I would like to make a quiet book with my craft group also and that gave me lots of great ideas seeing your page!!! Thanks....This is my 2nd comment by the way! =)

I would definitely make a funky shirt for my nephew! Love the giveaway...fingers are crossed!

I love that you make make shirts and onesies with the iron on material. Love !

Here's my second comment :) Thanks for a second chance to win!

I hope someone gets me a Silhouette for Christmas! But even if they don't the FIRST thing I would make with the bundle is some cool heat transfer Tees for ME! Thanks for the chance to WIN! :)

Second comment!! I always have to make more than one of everything!

Second comment! Awesome - thanks!

I really, really, really want this prize!

A second comment?!?! Wow! Now I really need this! I am a quiet book fanatic and this would be so fun to use when I make them. :)

I might be tempted to start crafting again. So many ideas - so little time.

What a fun product! I've used a cricket, but this looks more versatile. What to make first?? Probaby a custom shirt for one of my kiddos. Or maybe a thank you card for a friend... So many fun project possibilities.

Second comment - wow! I really need to get together a group to do a quiet book. I have the original post on the quiet book saved on my desk top marked, "Make This". The lettering on the ice cream truck looks awesome!!

this is my second comment! I wanna win this thing!!!!

I'd love to win! I'd make some cute flowers for my baby's wall.

oh my goodess not sure what i would make but i think maybe trying some custom t shirts!

Okay I would have great plans, but let's face it, with my children, I'd be making tattoos first thing.

I would love to make cute shirts for my kids using the heat transfer paper!

I am getting a Silhouette for Christmas, well early Christmas present. I cannot wait because I am making gifts for my son and neices. They would love to get cool tattoos. I would use the heat transfer to make cool pillows for my sofa.

My second comment...but i love the idea of the ice cream truck. I'm a Kindergarten teacher and that would be great to give my specially loved kids something fun to do.

I would love to do some custom t-shirts for Christmas presents- this looks great.

I'd love to make some cute holiday shirts for my daughter! Fun! Thanks for a great giveaway :)

jessdepew at yahoo dot com

I would definitely use this for scrapbooking, Mandy! I'm sure I could come up with tons of other uses as well! :)

I would use it for scrapbooking! I have a missionary leaving soon and I'd love to put something together for him :)

Also, I followed their website!
Great giveaway!

I have one on my Christmas list too. All the cute vinyl is calling my name!

Oh, I have been wanting to make some T-shirts for my girls, and this would be great!! And for the upcoming Christmas season hand-made gift list!

Wow, what would I make first? Christmas presents. Probably etched glass projects. So pretty!

I'd embellish some napkins with designs using the heat transfer rolls!

I would make a million custom baby onesies!

I have a silhouette and love it, but haven't done anything with clothes. I would get started on a t-shirt project for a baby to be if I won!

I've been seeing all that great fridge art .. now I want to spruce up my fridge too so the magnetic paper would really be a treat!

I would make some personal clothes with the heat transfer for my cousin's baby shower next month.

The magnet paper, there are a few things I would like to try out with that.

The tattoo paper would be for me and so I could make some awesome tattoos for my sports teams. ;)

I also bought a Silhouette when I didn't win! I'd love to try the magnet paper! My daughter loves playing with the magnets on the fridge so it would be super fun to make some custom ones just for her!

I'd make my kiddos some cute personalized tees for Christmas!

mochamishmash @

I think I would make some cute shirts or maybe some fridge magnets. Wait maybe I'll make some tattoos for the kids to wear on game days (HUGE MONTREAL CANADIEN FANS!!!!) The choices are endless. :) :)

I saw your fabulous heat transfer hand pillow. Here's my extra entry!!!! Thanks

I'm going to make your "little hands pillow" for my first project!

I think I left a comment on the wrong post. opps

I would make personalized pillows for Christmas gifts

this is my extra entry from the pillow project!

This is my extra entry from the pillow project. Thanks!!

My next comment for the pillow project which was completely awesome! Thanks!

i would like to make a pillow it looks so cute my mother n law would love it

wow. ur christmas pillow is amazing! if i win i will def make one of those! what is that colorful fabric u used? i love it!

I just got my machine and am dying to try out the tattoos for my little boys. We have a racing party comgin up and would love to be able to make some custom tattoos for them.

Love the custom apparel ideas they have. I would defintely do some shirts for my girls, but the shoe revamp they have on that part of the site is so cute too.

The first thing I'd make would be an Christmas Countdown of some kind! There are SO many things you can do with this I get woosy thinking about it! What a great Christmas present this would be...for me of course :)

There are so many ideas, where to begin? I think the first thing I would make with my winnings would be a personalized T-shirt for Christmas. This would be cherished more than a gift card.

I would love to make some Christmas pillows with the heat transfer vinyl.

I think the first thing I would have to make would be some fun Holiday pillows!

Those christmas pillows are precious!

I would make a holiday pillow with my daughter's handprint and head silhouette. I also want to make magnet of her silhouette for grandparents as holiday gifts.


would love to make some custom t-shirts

I would use the magnet sheet to do a copy of my daughter's business cards!

OK, I'm not trying to be a brown-noser, but the very first thing I'd make is that super cute handprint Christmas pillow!!


I would buy MORE vinyl to label everything!!

I'd make myself a dandy running shirt... something to motivate me :)

I would make some super cute magnets with pictures of my boys on them to send in my Christmas Cards this year :)

I just found your blog and how fun! I'm not sure what I'd make first but I would def. have a blast with that thing! Nikki

LOVE the pillow! Can't wait to make one. Here is my extra entry :)

I would totally make a shirt for my son's birthday!
plannedimprovisation at gmail dot com

Second entry from the pillow :-)
plannedimprovisation at gmail dot com

i would make christmas shirts for my kids!!

Second entry from the quiet book page

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