November 11, 2010

Handprint Holiday Pillow

Iron-on Vinyl - - - without a craft cutting machine - - yes!  I am in love with this Handprint Holiday Pillow.

I used the Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl for the hands and wording (okay, so I used my machine on the wording - but you could just hand-cut it if you wanted). 

For the hands: I just had my kids put their hands on the dull side of the vinyl (a pen won't write on that clear layer) and cut out along the line with scissors.  Then ironed it on - be sure it iron it long enough, at least a minute.  A minute is really long when you're just waiting, but don't jip it (I did and it didn't stick so I had to redo one).  I did all the iron-on stuff before I pieced the pillow together.  Love the hand prints!

Upclose hand view:

If you are a real quilter, please don't laugh at my "piecing" attempt.  I didn't know how to do the corners so I just made something up.
I wanted to do a ruffle around the edge, but it was a really long strip to gather and then the thread broke - so plan B - I made these pleat things - I don't even know if they have a name.  While sewing on the trim, I just folded up a little and tucked it under as I went, as shown - if you're crazy you could measure each one or if you're crazier you could measure and pin it all before you start.  I just guessed on mine - and they're uneven, I'm sure - and I'm okay with that.  For the corner I folder a little triangle thing as shown:

After sewing on the trim, making sure it's facing the inside of your pillow, sew the back on - you can see how the trim in on the inside.  That way when you turn it right-side-out, the trim shows.

And that's it!  I think this will be great fun to get out each year and see how much the kids have grown.  Maybe I should make a pillow each year and in 10 years I'll have a couch-worth of holiday pillows - but then I'd have to store all of those.....  Anyways, go make yourself one.  If you don't have vinyl heat transfer,  you can buy some, or you can cut the hands out of fabric and applique them on the pillow.
Go make one - you can do this!!


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I'm so in love with that pillow, you just don't know!!

I love this pillow! Thanks for sharing :D

this is so cute i have a baby boy due in 5 wks so i will have to wait for him to arrive and make this for myself love it
Thanks for sharing

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I LOVE making stuff up when I don't know how to do stuff the "right" way (which is very often) . . . that's the best part. I think this pillow is fabulous!!!

So very cute and precious...I am a sucker for anything with little handprints. ;)

love it!! what fabric did u use?? super cute!

LOVE IT!! Where did you get your cute fabric??

Love this pillow! I'm on the lookout for some homemade Christmas gift ideas, and this is perfect!

Looks fantastic! So creative.

So sweet! I'm always a sucker for anthing with the kids handprints! Love this!

Oh I just LOVE this! We are making one this year (before my children's hands are bigger than mine!)

LOVE IT!!! I featured you on my blog!!! If you can stop by that would be awesome!

This is really cute. One idea, if you did want to make these (or variations) from year to year, is to make it a removable slipcover, then you just have to store the covers and not all the cusions- saves a ton of room!

This pillow is adorable-love the hands and colors!!

what a great family momento!!
I love your idea! It just feels really good. Thanks for the tutorial.

OK. I am inspired to invite you to come link up with us, so our readers can love you too:

Every Wednesday there will be a new party, so bookmark our home page and you can come back over and over again with great ideas and tutorials.

We look forward to showing your work.

Have a happy day!

ahh that is such a good idea!! I don't have kids yet but one day I need to remember all this stuff!!

Oh and Come link up on Tuesdays to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings...

What a great way to capture their growth each year and create great memories. VERY cute!

I may be a dog blogger - but I love crafts. I have found your blog to be fun and I always want to be looking at your posts! Thank you!

Wow--this post couldn't have come at a better time--my son is 4 and my daughter is two so this would be great for them! I have participated on your blog before and have read it for a while, won;t you come to mine? Will you share this your pillow tute on Vintage Pollyanna on my Tell Me Tuesday link party? I would love to have you!!

Love your pillow! Been trying to think of something special to make for my Mom for Christmas, this may be just the thing. I'm thinking a hand print from all the grandkids would be kinda nice.

Love it... will make it with my grandkids for Mom and Dad and Nonna.. Will make a cute Christmas gift for them to make. Thinking also of having them sign the handprints, perhaps with fabric marker, or marker than I can embroider straight stitch. Thanks

I'm knew to this, could a girl get some help.? What is the vinyl stuff called exactly and where do u find it at say a hobby lobby?

Also what is applique, how do u do it, and where can u find it?

thanks ladies!

I love this idea. My folks live on the east cost and we are in the midwest so what a great way for them to see hoe the kids have grown. Like the idea of hand but might do hands one side and feet on the other.

Oh my! That is precious!!! Lovin' it! What is that adorable fabric? The one the ruffle is made of? It's gorgeous! Love it!

I just had to stop back by and tell you again how much I love your pillow and to tell you inspired me to make my own. check it out here
Sugar Bee Inspired Handprint Pillow

I like the way you make it up as you go along. I do that too. I mean really, who takes the time to measure and pin? Maybe when my kids are grown.
BTW, I am doing a challenge (for myself,) 10 projects in 10 days, and was scouring the internet for ideas. I really appreciate your blog, because I have found at least half of my projects right here. I am blogging your posts on my blog in order to complete this challenge. Thank you for your inspiration and tutorials.

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