November 4, 2010

Quiet Book lettering

Do you remember a while ago I did a feature on a friend who made a quiet book via a crafting group??  Well, another friend (thanks Micah!) was inspired to put together a group of our own, and so currently I am in charge of making 2 pages, 9 times each, and then we'll swap and have a whole book.  I'll show it all off when I finish (err - I haven't even started, and there's just a couple weeks to go - yikes!), but I do want to show off one page today.

My friend Michelle was in a dilemma because she was making an ice cream truck but wanted to name it such so as not to confuse the kids.  But stitching the letters or writing them with fabric markers can sometimes have a low-quality feel.  I had the perfect solution for her -  heat transfers!!  Doesn't it look cute - the truck holds all the ice cream scoops (which all have tactile properties - and she's making a bunch more "flavor" options).  The scoops hook on and off the page.


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Man, we will be the quietest church in town! I'm super excited to see all of the pages. I might have to redo some of mine just to use your machine!

Super cute!

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