December 9, 2010

Christmas Tree Hairclips

 Be Different Act Normal is currently one of my favorite craft blogs (my favorites change all the time - how bout you?) and a week or so ago they featured some Christmas Tree Hairclips from Agape Love Designs - I bookmarked it right away. It looked so cute and simple - and it was!  I used the tutorial but of course had to do a few things differently.
First off, at Michaels I couldn't find yellow stars - only plain little wood ones.  No problem.  In fact it was kind of funner this way - my 4 year old got to help paint them, which she loved!  Then we glittered them.  I also sprayed them with clear spraypaint to hold the glitter on (not sure if that's necessary, but I had some sitting around).

Then I made all the loops.  Since I was making several clips, it was assembly-line style.  I love the bright green ribbon.  Also, I found some brown ribbon that was sparkly on clearance - score!  Love that extra bling.
After I had everything hot glued together (yes, that's a mini hot glue gun - pathetic, but it works great and it's all I've ever needed!) I had the girls add some sticker jewel things (from the scrapbook clearance section) so they'd be like the lights on the tree.  Plus this is another way to have a step that they can do.  And that was it - a quick, easy, non-stressful craft (you know, some crafts are so involved that they become stressful - this was not that way!)
  Head modeling:
Cute, right??
You can do this - go make some!


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They turned out really great!! I love how you added the little gems! Too cute! Youre daughter is just darling! :) Thanks for linking back to me, and letting me know! :)

These are so cute! I'm featuring this post on my blog if you'd like to check it out.

Aw, little christmas cute is that?! :)

Tnx for posting on my party!

Awesome! I've never seen these before. I love it, so cute. They are especially adorable on those little pigtails! Thanks for sharing them!!

saw you at Naturally Me Creations....this is so cute. i love its simplicity.

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