Family Photos 2010

I was waiting until I posted about our Christmas Cards (they’re AWESOME!) before I showed off our recent family pictures.  This top one is my favorite (obviously, since I picked it for the card) but we had some fun ones…

It was hard doing pics of my own kids – when I shoot other families, and the kids don’t know me, they tend to listen more (what is with kids minding strangers but ignoring their own parents?!)- – but I got this good one:

And some good individual shots:

This one was a little out-of-focus, but I think the Sunshine Look hides it well:

This was a good pic too – it’s more traditional and I wanted something a little different, which is why I like that top one better – but this was a contender!

I love doing a jumping picture during photo sessions – some work, some don’t – – –

And this was towards the end of the shoot, when the light was leaving – –

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    Oh. Em. GEE! Your family is SO adorable. I can’t even stand it. These pictures are beyond fabulous. Seriously. Fantastic. Your shoes are superb! Wow. Cute. Cute. Cute. LOVE your Christmas card pictures.

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    The pictures are so great! Be so proud of these. You’ve captured a moment (or a few) in time that you’ll always have now of your children and your family at this stage.

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