Greeting Snowmen

Have I mentioned I’m weak for snowmen?? My mother-in-law gave this to us a few years ago – I LOVE it!  It sits on our porch to greet anyone coming our way.  I didn’t make it so I don’t have a tutorial for you, but I think you can figure it out.  Just a few 1x4s, painted white, then decorated up a little – simple and cute – perfect.

Greeting snowman porch decor

Here’s some details of the triangle-thing on the end that helps make it steady and the hats (hats are felt, scarves are fabric)….

Let me know if you make one!  Maybe fun neighbor gifts??

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    Awww, those are cute. I might make one or two for next year, I have family that loves snowmen. I go for gingerbread people. Hmmm, maybe I have an idea. hehe Beautiful snowmen.


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