Keeping It Real

I’ve hit my limit!  This fall has been the busiest ever – want to know what I’ve been doing:

–I have a craft blog.  Posting takes time.  Crafting takes time.  But I love it.
–I have been doing photo sessions this fall – it’s fun, I love doing it, capturing moments for families, etc.  But in the fall it’s really busy – there were weeks I had 5+ sessions  – crazy.  Not to mention each session then has 1-2 hours of photo editing. Oh, the hours spent staring at the computer…
–ALL 4 of my kids have birthdays in the fall, within 5 weeks of each other.  Only 2 had parties this year, but still, 2 parties.
–My oldest is turning 8 and will be baptized - so planning, etc for that.
–Room mom, hosting crafting playgroups, etc.
–I was crazy and agreed to be in a Quiet Book Group – cranked out 18 quiet book pages
–2 of my kids were in fall sports – some of you may think this is nothing, but it’s our first year to have 2 in a sport at once, and it was busy.
–I put together the Primary Program at church.
–I am in a crafting competition (SYTYC) that requires a new fabulous craft each week.  Why did I do a fall season?!?!
–We got Netflix on the Wii and I have to watch all The Office episodes, one by one..
–The regular church activities, playgroups, music groups, book groups, library storytimes, etc.
–Of course, trying to be the best wife/mother I can :)

You can laugh at me – I know I volunteered for almost all of this – it all sounded fun at the time – and it all usually is, just not at the same time.  Anyways, something had to give, and it’s cleaning.  I can keep on top of my main level, but the basement is shot, and my craft room might have hit the point of no return (in my defense, my mom cleared out bins and bins of stuff and I of course took them – they haven’t found a place yet, so normally it’s not SO bad!)  – is this how hoarders get started?!

Here you go, just Keeping it Real for your viewing pleasure:

 I can’t waste time cleaning because there’s always a deadline for another project that takes higher priority.  And occasionally you’ll see this at my house: toddler in jammies mid-morning, confined to a circle in front of the TV (really, I thought it was too cute when I found him sitting the hulahoop, I had to take a picture).

My husband can’t really talk when it comes to taking on too much – look what’s coming along in our backyard:

(and yes, I thought about presenting a Playhouse Castle as my finale project in SYTYC – wouldn’t that have been great?! but I didn’t construct it and it might be more of a craft than the competition is looking for!)

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    I’m so glad to know you are real. I was thinking about your perfect family phot0s and wondering how you do it all. Just this morning, I was talking w/ my husband about going part time at work, as our spring is like your fall, and we are both in grad school to boot. I can hardly keep up now, and it’s only getting busier, and we want to get pregnant at some point w/in the next year. It’s nice to know you aren’t the only one who is overwhelmed – even if it’s all good stuff, b/c even though it’s all good, it’s too much good.

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    Ah yes got to say thanks for letting us know that you’re a real person, with a hoarders’ mess too. My room isn’t quite to where yours is my getting close makes us all feel better when we’re not the only one’s that are overwhelmed too, keep up the great work!

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    Mandy you awesome and have always been and i love how real you keep it since im setting here in my pj pants ( in my defense even my preggers pants are not comfortable) on the computer while everything around me is in total out of control mess lol

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    OMG! I love the amount of space you have to craft! So jealous… It’s your space, who cares if it’s messy? It just shows how creative you are.

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    oh friend, I am TOTALLY with you. I looked around my craft room yesterday and thought about taking a picture of the DISASTER, but then decided against it because it is outright frightening. you’re right, though- every time I think about cleaning there is another (self-imposed) deadline. and so the mess of one project piles on top of the mess of the last.
    on my drive home from Thanksgiving, I spent a decent amount of time thinking about how I feel overextended and need to do something about it.
    thanks for sharing. I wish I weren’t in the same boat. :)

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    Yep … that’s a bit like the problem i’m having at home .. not enough hours to do everything … so cleaning up the studio .. that will have to wait until all the Christmas crafts are done… Heading there to finish a play tent right now :)

    Good luck !!

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    Mandy, You are amazing! I hope life slows down to a comfortable pace this winter. I think we all have times where life gets crazy. The good thing – our kids will probably never remember those messy rooms, and no one else matters. Thanks for always “keeping it real”. Just makes us admire you all the more.

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    First off I must say I’m so jealous that you have a room to craft in. :) My craft room is my dining room. Oh how I wish they had basements in Texas. You are doing a fantastic job juggling everything and make it look easy.

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    Stopping by from Sassy Sites. Funny how the craft room can take such a beating. Love the Wall o’ Fabric you have going on. And the castle, oh my goodness, the castle.
    Amanda from Ramblings of an Empty Mind

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    You probably wont believe it’s possible- but my craft room is worse than yours (in my opinion!)! LOL! So glad I’m not the only one crafting in a mess! Good luck with the cleaning up! I’ll be starting mine just as soon as I’ve finished sorting out the kids rooms…..

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    I am so glad that you are joining in our Operation Organization! Thanks for linking up and being a part of it! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun AND we can get so much accomplished too! I look forward to seeing your progress!!

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

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    I know how you feel. Right now my office is torn apart because I am reorganizing it… but I didn’t have any time to work on it today.
    I would love if you wanted to link up to my new section I am just started on Wednesdays on my blog. It is called What would Sandy suggest? I did one room and will start a link up if you want me to feature your space in future weeks … and I can give you my suggestions of what might help to organize. Hmmm… time might be one of those suggestions. lol
    my site is since I’m not on blogger anymore. Thanks!

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    How ironic is it that I just posted that I need to get myself organized & came across your blog, must be fate!! I have a big crafting area located in my family room/basement which I never use it just holds all the crafting items. All u mommy crafters that have suggestions please read my blog & help me out ;)

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    Fabulous, that material just doubles on it own! Wish I was a better sewer, so you have my admiration. Love the pic of your kiddo. Thanks so much for sharing your reality~

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    I was new to blogging when you posted this so I missed it. I am so glad you linked up! At least your laundry room is cute and messy. Mine is UGLY and messy :)

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