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At our church Christmas Party, I took all the kids’ pictures with Santa – I also dressed as an elf to show that I was Santa’s Helper – and because what other chance do I get to dress as an elf??  I wore my mom’s elf outfit that she made 20+ years ago – it’s made out of felt and I’m sure many of you could whip one up.  It doesn’t even have set-in sleeves – it’s just a front and a back, sewn together, with a little bit of trim and bells sewn on.

The leotard I’m wearing underneath is something else!  It V’s in the front and has a deep V in the back, and has these unreal poofy sleeves – true Jane Fonda era.  Big cut on the leg openings too. My mom said it was really her work-out outfit back in the day and that’s what everyone wore, tights and all.  Yikes.

Here’s a pic of the elf outfit so you can get an idea of how simple it is.  I tied a ribbon around my waist to give it more shape, and of course wore glitter makeup.

There is a picture of me in action (working the camera) out there  – I just have to get a hold of it so you can see me in all my photo-taking glory…..

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