Snowman Dryer – further details

I’ve been getting lots of questions on the Snowman Glove Dryer, so I took a few more pictures to try and show you some details.

–The big pipe is 4 inch PVC – the small one is 1 inch (I think)
–The bottom is made of a scrap piece of plywood because that’s what I had laying around – I’m sure any board would work.
–I plan to put a piece of felt on the underneath side so the base won’t scrape the floor and so it will seal better over the vent, but I haven’t done it yet.
–We haven’t had snow, thus we haven’t had wet boots, so I’m not 100% sure this whole contraption will work…
–Now, on to the pictures:

The arm/leg pipes don’t have a perfect seal (I guess you could caulk them if you wanted) – they just kind of fit in there:

My husband added little screws to keep the arms and legs from slipping in too far:

The hole in the base isn’t perfect either – the big pipe just sits down in it.

Note that the whole is not centered on the board – it’s toward the back so the snowman won’t be front-heavy.  Also, note that the legs need to be a couple inches up because you need to take into account that it will fit inside the base.  The first try we had the legs right at the bottom of the big tube, but then the big tube wouldn’t go into the base hole.

snowman glove dryer over vents

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    What a great idea!!! My sisters and I are wanting to make these for our kids over thanksgiving. How did you get the arms to angle up and how did you screw the leg pieces into place? have you used it yet, how does this cute contraption work?? Thanks so much!


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