Snowman Glove Dryer

I’m just realizing I have yet to post my craft from the “winter” week over at SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty – I was the Snowman Glove Dryer:

Winter and snow – love it.  But what’s the most annoying thing about winter?? – all those wet hats/gloves/boots thrown about the entryway.  Well, bring on winter because this year I’m ready with the Snowman Glove Dryer!

This is a cost-friendly, FUNCTIONAL craft.  Made of inexpensive PVC pipe, there is a hole in the bottom that allows hot air to flow up and through the arms, legs, and top to quick-dry hats, gloves, and boots.  So you just set it on a floor vent and the hot air from the vent is channeled into the snowman, where it’s distributed into wet gloves, boots, and hats.

Operation is easy – simple place the Snowman Glove Dryer over a vent and let the warm air do the rest!

And not only does it dry hats/gloves/boots – it gives them a place other than scattered on the floor – perfect!

snowman glove dryer over vents

So, I didn’t really do a tutorial – feel free to email me with any questions you have.  Basically it’s a big PVC tube with four holes drilled in the side for four smaller tubes to fit into – then those smaller tubes have tiny holes drilled in them so the air will flow better.

I was getting several questions, so there’s more info on construction at this post: Snowman Glove Dryer – Further Details

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