December 28, 2010

Testing, Testing

Hello out there - - I've been tweaking my blog sizes so I can fit the pictures on as "x-large" if I want (have you noticed - there's such a jump from "large" to "x-large" - I wish there was a "mid-large" option - anyone want to relay that message to blogger for me??  while you're at it, I have the same issue with the text sizes "normal" and "large" - such a jump!)

Here's an extra-large picture (we eat breakfast Christmas morning upstairs in our bedroom to prolong the Santa anticipation - love it!) - I got it to fit, but I had to stretch all the white space on my blog.

So, can you tell me, am I cutting any of you off??  I still see plenty of the turquoise dot background, but I know on my mom's computer she sees less than me -  is there anyone out there who's screen can't view the whole main-area (where I write the posts, with a white background) on my blog??  thanks in advance for the input - - -


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I started using Windows Live Writer, and it is way way better than writing a post in blogger. It's free-just download it off the internet. (Google it-that's what I did) The pictures upload a lot faster, you can resize the picture by dragging the arrows, you can use any font on your computer, sized to whatever size you want, etc. I can't believe I waited so long to try it. Try it, and you'll be hooked!

Good luck! Love your blog.

Love the pic! I see the dots only at the top , otherwise it is white space. But I do see the whole pic and post.

I see everything, including a good inch and half on both sides of blue. :)

everything looks good here. I see everything and the blue polka dot border too. You're good to go

I use a netbook and I can only see 2/3 of the last column. I can only just see the whole picture as well - the top/bottom is slightly cut-off.

I'm trying out Livewriter too - haven't posted with it yet.

I use an Acer- a small laptop. I see the dots when the page loads, but then is goes to the white background. And then they are only at the top. I do see your entire post, however, now I have to scroll to see your furthest buttons. No biggie to me.. it's not like I will stop stalking you just because I have to scroll! :)

I see the dots on both sides and the top :) What a fun idea to eat breakfast in the bedroom!

You are good to go, My Dear! I use the X-large images too. My main blog area is set to 700 and they fit perfectly. It looks like you have a pretty big padding set on your left hand side. Reducing it might help free up a little space. :)

I can see them just fine :)

I don't see your background border on my work computer, but do at home (difference in monitor size). I Love bigger pictures, and on your blog even with the smaller monitor I can still see/access both the main posts and the links on the left.

yep, i can see it. looks really cute, cute pic too!

I can see your whole white background and posts, but only turqouise dots along the top (not on the sides or bottom).

Everything is fine on my computer. Isn't it weird that it's fine on some and not on others?

I don't see dots on the sides, just a tiny bit on the top.

I want to use the x-large pics too! I may have to play around and see what I can come up with!

I see dots :) But I also see that you were piecing the background picture (adding a little bit on the right, couseone row of the dots is not dots any more).

I see your dots on both sides.
Happy New Year!

I can see the dots on both sides and the pictures are gorgeous. I agree, the sizing should have a middle ground :)

I can see it all. I was told to use percents in the html to change it, rather than a fixed size... I have not tried this. But I notices when I was tinkering around that the new template designer uses percents. This is actually on my list to "fix" all of this on my blog...

Hi! I can see your entire blog perfectly! Love what I see too!! Looking forward to popping in here a lot!
You can pop in at my blog too if you like-
Happy 2011!

I can see everything just fine!

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