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December 31, 2010


From my personal bookmarked to-do list - 

A few pillows - -

Roadtrip pillowcases from Amazing Mae:
Felt Circle Pillows from Someday Crafts via Diary of a Quilter:

ZigZag Pillow at Ucreate from Make It Do - you've got to see how they iron and sew those zigzags - who knew!

And all the pillows over on Make It and Love It!!


From my personal bookmarked to-do list -

I haven't made a quilt but I really want to get into quilting - - some that have caught my eye:

Puff Quilt from HoneyBear Lane - wow!

How to Stipple on quilts from Little Birdie Secrets:

Whirlygig Quilt from Quilting on Turtle Hill - I already bought fabric for this one:

Selvedge Quilt from Pleasant Home (how many years would it take to save all those selvedges?!?)
2010 Scrappy Quilt

Quilting a Table Runner at Sew Mama Sew:

And a blanket (not quilt) - faux chenille technique at MADE:

December 30, 2010

Braided Barrettes

From my personal bookmarked to-do list - 

Braided Ribbon Barrettes from A Girl in Paradise

Temple Block

From my personal bookmarked to-do list -

Temple Block at Lil' Luna:

Casserole Dish Carrier

From my personal bookmarked to-do list -

Casserole Dish Carrier shown on Little Birdie Secrets by 2 Little Hooligans:

December 29, 2010

Crayon Holder

From my personal bookmarked to-do list -

Such an inviting Crayon Holder from Mom's Crafty Space:

New Years Stuff

If you have a few minutes for something crafty for New Years, you should see the various hat ideas at Tatertots and Jello - worth checking out!

 Also, as you're preparing for 2011, you'll want to print off this cute calendar over at Switcheroom -
(obviously, there's all months - here's just a teaser....)

And if you want more, there's a whole list of free printable calendars over at Skip To My Lou - so cute!

Showing Off

 Let's jump right into the fun of Showing Off from the link-up yesterday:

Simply Designing has a cute ball for New Year's - love it!:

At Second Street made bags with upholstry fabric - nice and sturdy:

Home Hinges tell us we can get rid of the decor we didn't use (seriously, I'm just like her - half my boxes are still filled with stuff I didn't put out this year - why do I think I need to keep it!?!?)
Stacks of boxes

Yum, Taco dip over at Between 3 Sisters - we make this a lot and call it "Page 30 Dip" because years ago that's page it was in my mom's new recipe book:

Little Eme whipped up a cute monster softie - great job!

Potholes and Pantyhose made an arsenal of rubberband guns:

 Welcome Sunshine Home showed off these yummy chocolates - I like to make bon bons and now I need to!

Of course I had to show off these greeting snowmen over at Keeping It Simple because Kaysi was inspired by the ones I showed on this blog a couple of weeks ago - aren't hers cute?!? (check out her tutorial - the hats are made of gloves!)

Rae Gun Ramblings made this heart dress for a special little girl - love the details:

And since I started with a New Year's idea, let's end with one - - a banging drum, shown over at Sassy Sites:

Most Viewed link??? - there are 6 tied for the top spot - weird!!  Congrats to you all!! Years Fascinator Cozy Tutorial

thesewingdivaandherreluctan...quilting on the go bag

welcomesunshinehome.blogspo...Simple Handmade Chocolates Photo Canvas Tutorial for Next Year

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:

December 28, 2010

Testing, Testing

Hello out there - - I've been tweaking my blog sizes so I can fit the pictures on as "x-large" if I want (have you noticed - there's such a jump from "large" to "x-large" - I wish there was a "mid-large" option - anyone want to relay that message to blogger for me??  while you're at it, I have the same issue with the text sizes "normal" and "large" - such a jump!)

Here's an extra-large picture (we eat breakfast Christmas morning upstairs in our bedroom to prolong the Santa anticipation - love it!) - I got it to fit, but I had to stretch all the white space on my blog.

So, can you tell me, am I cutting any of you off??  I still see plenty of the turquoise dot background, but I know on my mom's computer she sees less than me -  is there anyone out there who's screen can't view the whole main-area (where I write the posts, with a white background) on my blog??  thanks in advance for the input - - -