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 When I saw the project for January on UCreate, I knew it’d be perfect for my craft room.  I grabbed a bunch of $1 frames from Michael’s and got to painting (yes, that’s a discarded sandwich among the mess – just ignore):

 When I first saw all the “keep calm” stuff, I wasn’t that fond of it.  But it started to grow on me, and then I read the history of “keep calm and carry on” here and thought I’d go with it.

The tutorial offers a free download, and I made several of my own to go with it.  For “craft on” I used the logo bee from my craft blog, and I especially like the “blog on” with the bullhorn.  If anyone’s interested, I can post the ones I made as free downloads.

Keep Calm and Blog On

I don’t like wasting color ink on the printer, so I just sent these to Walmart as 4x6s and had them printed for the $0.09 or whatever the minimal cost.

I tried to make a variety of flowers.  I even put a big fluffy flower in the middle of a frame to add some dimension:

 And then I hung them as a group on my craft room wall.  You’ve learned by now, I struggle with hanging frames and placement – I feel the oval is kind of off by itself.  But I wasn’t sure what else to do. 

 There’s still time to get in on the Create-With-Me over at UCreate – the tutorial is from The Secret Stitch Club and they were great to help me when I was trying to make some posters on my own.

Even though I had already made an embellished frame (HERE), I still thought was fun to craft and show it off as an online group – maybe you’ll do it too!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    oh, first off I love how they turned out! second, I never knew the history behind the ‘keep calm’…love knowing this kind of stuff so thanks for sharing!


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    I love love love these!!! I am so loving the red and blue combo lately! These look simply gorgeous together! :) I like how you arranged them on the wall as well. They just look wonderful! I like the keep calm signs as well.. I created a keep calm and snap on version with a camera graphic, to put in my photography studio. IM loving the craft ones! I will have to copy cat your idea for my craft room! :)
    Agape Love Designs

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    Very cute!! I just started making some of my frames for the UCreate challenge. Love that you made them a little series. I recently framed a “Keep calm and craft on” frame but never thought about printing a few more and using them all. Thanks for linking up!

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    Fabulous! I like many of he people already said, am working on my craft room too. I have the perfect wall for this. I didn’t know the history either-so thank you for posting! I hope you don’t mind me sharing my opinion here. You said that you were not sure what to do with the oval frame, wonder if you hung it horizontal where the sew on one is and put the sew on below it. Kind of centered with the glue on next to it.
    Hope that you don’t hate me for sharing my thoughts on your wall display. I know that when I do stuff and I have looked at it for too long, I have hard time picturing any other way it could possibly look. Sometimes I just need another set of eyes to help me. Hope that I helped, just a little(?) Have a great thursday!!

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    I love these Frames! I have a new baby girl on the way, and I think I’m going to try these in her room (that I have yet to start decorating)!

    Thanks for the idea:)

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    I had NO IDEA about the origin of the keep calm and carry on saying. I have a *little* less annoyance for it now:)
    I love the way it turned out in your room!! Great colors!

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