January 20, 2011

Curly Hair

Blog-hopping I read that you can cut strips of fleece and use it to wrap hair around.  Sounded so easy that I didn't even bookmark it - so let me know if it was you and I'll give you the proper shout-out.

Anyways, we tried it and it worked great.  Just wind the wet hair from the bottom up to the scalp and then tie it - looks like this:

Wake up, untwist, and voila - super curls!!  The girls love the ultra-curly look - I prefer day 2 when the curls are looser, but all-around, way cute!
It looks good down or pulled back - -
Thanks for the quick and easy tip, whoever you are!


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Have you tried it on grown-up hair? Does it look too Shirley Temple? The girls look adorable with the little ties!

My mom used to do that to me and my sisters when we were younger.. she used regular strips of fabric though, which fray over time. Fleece would be perfect!

That looks so cute and EASY! Tell me how you did it? Did you twist each strand of hair before tying it together?

My mom used to put sponge curlers in my hair overnight when I was about 5-6... With red hair, I was horribly teased and called Little Orphan Angie. Curly hair is so cute, though!

OMG... the MEMORIES!!!! lol.. my mom used to totally do this to me and my sister when we were younger.. lol.. and I admit.. I used to do it even in high school before going out if I wanted my hair to curl up nice.. hehehehe curling iron results with out the heat damage... NICE!!! lol

my mum used to do that when I was younger too with old flannel bedsheets!

My mom used to do this to me and my sister when we were kids, but would use old t-shirts cut into strips. I'm so glad you reminded me about it, I'm going to have to do this to my daughters hair!

okay so we tried this tonight...I did take before pictures and will take after ones in the morning..here's hoping I did it right!

Manda, could you please elaborate? Normally, I'm really good at just figuring things out, but I'm lost. Could you do a little tutorial? Like, do you just twist the hair all the way to the scalp and then somehow tie the fleece around it or do you twist the hair AND the fleece all the way to the scalp? I feel like such an idiot asking, but I would love to try this. However, my girls' hair is naturally curly, so I'm more interested at trying for myself. Does it work for adults?

Wow this takes me back! My grandma used to do this to my and my sisters hair! It really is the best way to get curls that stay in!

Are we aging ourselves when we say our mom did this to us when we were younger? :) But yes, these are called "rag" curls, as way back when they used rags to curl their hair just like this, and yes it curls stick straight hair (mine was and it was came out in ringlets). You may remember seeing it on Little House on the Prairie. (again aging myself) My grandma and mom used flannel but I think the felt would be even better.

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