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I know normally first thing Wednesdays is the show-off from the link-up, but for this new year I’m switching things up a little.  Show-offs will be up this afternoon, and in the morning, I’m going to show off what I’ve been wearing….

Huh??  Well, I’ve been trying to step up my style.  Spruce up my look of jeans and tshirts.  You can kind of call it a goal, but I’ve been trying for a month or two already.  Over at The Pleated Poppy she has a What I Wore Wendesday, so I thought if I started participating in WIWW then I’d have to dress fabulous at least one day in the week so I could take a picture and show it to you.  So here you go:

This outfit is stepping WAYYY outside of my comfort zone, but I went with it.  At a resale shop I saw this cute dress, but it’s winter, plus the dress is super short.  My shopping partner said to buy it and wear it with skinny jeans or leggings.  So I did.  I love when people tell me what to buy!!

–dress, DITTO (local resale shop), brand Twenty-One,  $12
–black shirt, garage sale ($0.50?)
–skinny jeans, walmart Black Friday $8 (I only bought skinny jeans because I was told I need them if I want to wear boots – I thought they were ridculous, but now I wear them a lot because they’re easy to fit in boots)
–boots, Target, $35 (I think) – I was not on the boot bandwagon, but got talked into them and now love them!  they make me feel “hip”!
–earrings, Adams Mayfleet, a local shop (chunky jewelry sets for $10 – what a deal!)

So, what do you think??  Are those ruffles too much – I felt silly wearing them, but just went with it.  My husband saw the get-up and stared and I said “What??” and he said “I’m sure it’s normal, I just don’t know a lot about fashion” – funny!!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Mandy, I just found your blog. I was reading a blog about blogging tips, but the best tip came from a comment that was left there raving about your blog. I can see why. I love your tutorials. So lovely to have found you.


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    First I love your blag and read it all the time, has inspired my new years resolution of being more crafty and my little daughters new years resolution to be more artsy! But as for the outfit I say burn it ASAP, please don’t leave the house in that as I am afraid you might be stoned ;) The dress may be cute alone but the whole get up together is a miss for sure.

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    First let me say that I’m just starting to get back into fashion, so take my opinion for what its worth. (Which isn’t much) I think it would be a cute outfit if you had either a brown shirt on, or black boots. I’m not a big fan of black & brown being mixed though.

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    Well, I certainly think something a bit more thoughtful than “burn it” could be shared.

    First off – KUDOS to you for taking risks! Seriously :) I’m waaaay too safe with my clothes, and you were willing to go with it and have fun. Good job!

    I think it would be good to keep working with this dress a bit more. I’m wondering if maybe it needs a fairly minimalized outfit to help balance it out. It’s rather strong – although cute! Are the sleeves too puffy to wear a cardi over it?

    Keep having fun with your clothes, though! A sense of adventure & a laid back attitude are such great qualities :)

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    Maybe the “burn it” commenter was your sister (?). I could totally hear my sister saying something like that to me and it rolling right off my back ;)

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    I think it’s totally cute. I have a dress like that I keep wanting to wear with jeans. I’d probably do a shirt that coordinates with the boots. Very good start to a trendy you!

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    You are so adorable! This is a goal is sure need and it looks like you’re doing a great job. Keep posting your outfits so maybe I can figure out whats in style.

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