January 21, 2011

Kitchen Aid Decal

Now, for a non-traditional use of Premium Frosted Vinyl - Kitchen Aid Decals!

The Frosted Vinyl is see-through-ish when placed on glass, but when placed on something solid (like a mixer) it's sparklyish-silver - perfect!

For Christmas I got the biggest mixer they make - I LOVE it!!  But since it's the "professional" line, it wasn't available in as many color choices as some of the other sizes.  And I was okay with it - I wanted green, but I figure, what if I paint my kitchen and it doesn't match in 10 years??  But I still want it to be "FUN" - so a decal is a perfect solution!

I've seen several "flourish" type decals, but they're just not "ME" - at the Silhouette Online Store I found some designs that were really similar to the Wall Stencils I did in my kitchen and they spoke to me.  What do you think??


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what did it say when it spoke to you? love this one....love the memo board! so awesomeeeeelllly awesome! (my husband told me to get a new word.)

LOVE IT!!! Now i need to get a KitchenAid AND a Silhouette!! Hoping I win one this weekend!

I like the frosted color on the dark gray mixer! Good combo!!!

Now yours in like no one else's...AWESOME! LOVE your memo board too!

That is a big mixer! I like the color...looks classic to me. I have a plain old white one, but I don't use it often b/c I am afraid of losing an arm.

Love the subtle patterns you used. It looks great. :)

Thanks for joining my Crafty Cutter party. :)

Hi I'm visiting from Amanda's party, I love the decals ont he mixer, they're so fun & retro. Beautiful job! :-) Take care!

cute idea! i like the frosted look!

Mandy! I love what you did to your Kitchenaid! I totally want to do mine too. I have the light pink one and thought a black stencil would be pretty. I am NOT crafty and will ruin my Kitchenaid if its too involved. Where should I shop for a stencil that speaks to me??

Amy - - it's just vinyl, so that's a sticker - if you mess up you can just peel it off. You can try searching Etsy for custom vinyl or kitchen aid vinyl and see what comes up...

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