January 31, 2011

Jump for Joy Exciting!! - and giveaway for you :)

I've been jumping up and down all week - it's been filled with blog-winning excitement!

I enter giveaways - a lot.  I've won a couple of things over the years.

But last week - I'm a roll!!  Seriously, I won 6 - yes, SIX giveaways!!  My time has come!

Want to know that they are?? 
 --A spot on the sidebar of The Idea Room (see me, over on the top-ish left under "Check Out My Readers Sites")

--Earrings from Sara over at Sweet November - she has a shop if you want some of your own - only $4!  I'm wearing the "cream" pair -

--This awesome necklace I won from Kelly's Creative Designs over at Simply Handmade by Paige - it's still on it's way - -

--A ToyBoxTee over at Naptime Crafters - so fun - you pick the tee color, decal color, decal type, and name - I made one for my toddler - also on it's way - here's a sample though:
 --Whimsy Couture patterns hosted their giveaway on Craft-o-maniac - I got to pick three!  I chose the jacket, a top, and the romper pictured below - I already bought fabric to make it for my 4 year old - she's going to love it!

Check my 3pack for 20.00 WHIMSY COUTURE Sewing Pattern Tutorial PDF ebook Pillowcase Romper sizes preemie through 10 girls with Center Ruffle And snap buttons

--Valentine's Vinyl from Kaysi at Keeping it Simple - I swung by the thrift store and grabbed this plate for $0.50 and now I have my one-and-only Valentine's Decor displayed proudly on my not-so-fabulously-decorated-like-the-rest-of-the-craft-world mantel:

Now for the giveaway that YOU can win - a button swap (my button on your blog, your button on mine) - exciting, right??  For the whole month of February - to enter, just leave a comment on this post - that's it.  I'll draw a winner Wednesday or Thursday.....


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Mandy is a craft blogger who loves to blog and enjoys all things crafty, sewing, and DIY - she feels that if she can do something, you can too, and provides tutorials to help you along the way. She loves being a mom to 4 awesome kiddos and blogs from the Kansas City Area. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Google +

41 Fabulous Comments:

Wow! You have had a super exciting week! I would love to button swap with you anytime.



Look at you lucky girl!! I've noticed your name as the winner on a few of those but goodness... 6! I had a run of luck like that at one point- haven't won anything in a while so I'd love to swap with you! :)

WOW!! What a haul!! You lucky duck!! And I would swap with ya! :)

WOW!! What a haul!! You lucky duck!! And I would swap with ya! :)

Great giveaways! Go play the lottery!

Dang! Look at you go girl!!! I have never won and your just winning everywhere!! Send your luck this way!!

Woot! What fun for you. Pick me! :)

Lucky you! The only thing I ever won is a rose picture, with a beautiful frame, only when it came it was only 3 inches by 3 inches! haha!

Pick me!

You have been doing good...maybe your luck will rub off to me =)

I love giveaways ! I win a lot of things too :)

I would loooove to have my button on your blog! I have loved your blog for months. I hope I win!!!

button swap sounds awesome!

You go girl! That is so exciting! I would love to have my button on your blog!

I'd be proud to display your button on my blog !
And I could use a bit of lucky right about now

Wow, that's a lot of loot, congrats!!

We'd love to button swap with you! Fingers crossed. :)

Happy Monday!


Congrats on all your amazing luck! I'd love to be entered for the button swap! :)


Let's swap! I'd love to trade buttons!

Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/

Looks like you are pretty lucky!! Here's hoping I have a little luck with the button swap =)

LOL, I actually just posted about my luck in winning giveaways too, he he.

I actually WIN giveaways, I'm so stinkin lucky, someone suggested I play the lottery, lol.

Anyway, girl, I would LOVE to win this, and swap buttons with you. Please pick me, random.org!!!!

Bella :)

Great prize! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

so exciting to win such fabulous giveaways! Would love to swap with you!

Congrats! I never get that lucky. :o)

Wow, so fun to win that many giveaways! I'd love to button swap!

WHOOOOT!! I hope I win!! :)

You got some great stuff too! :)

Girl you got you some loot!!! So happy for you! I would love to swap buttons with you any day!!!
Thanks, Lori

6 wins in one week. What a lucky Lady!! I would LOVE a button Swap! I am only a small blog but want to really build more traffic and I LOVE Sugar Bee!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.


I totally had one of those weeks once! I had just finished whining to my Mom about how I enter all these giveaways and I've never won a thing...within the hour, I had won a necklace, the next day $35 to CSN, day after that a desk blotter pad. It was a good week that motivated me to keep entering!
Congrats on your SIX wins! my goodness. Go and buy a lotto ticket NOW!
Would love a blog button swap with you :)

WOW I wish I would win some giveaways I do! How many do you do a day/week/month? I would love to win the button swap!!! I hope that you will come be a follower at my blog!!! brooke
Girl Boy Girl Inspired

You are lucky!!! I have been trying to win giveaways for years and I have never won! So I have the opposite problem ;) Heres hopin'


Man, I wish I had your winning streak! and my buttons are brand new so I'd love a spot to share them!!

Wow, you are on a roll! I'd love a chance to win the button swap. :)

I just started a blog, and I even made a button, and I would love to swap with you!

so tell us your secret? are you slipping extra fabric to the people so you win...are you only typing with your left hand? I mean...who wins 6!!! that's awesome! mad jealous!

I would love to do a button swap!

That's awesome!! I would love a button on your blog :)


LUCKYYYY!!!! Wow! I guess your time really did come! I'd love to do a button swap. :)

Way to go Mandy!! You should probably go by a lotto ticket! ;) Enter me for the button swap please! ;)

Great job on the giveaways! I love entering blog giveaways--the odds are so low compared to the big corporate stuff.

Oh Mandy! Those are AWESOME!
And how generous of you to do a blog button swap! That is pretty genius of a giveaway too! You are SO smart, I swear!
I will swap with you! And you can have a whole banner on my blog! I will rearrange the whole darn thing, just for you!, babe!

so glad you told me about this! fun fun! would LOVE to sawp buttons with you. fingers crossed. ;)

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