Marshmallow Valentines

 I’ve been wanting to make homemade marshmallows all winter – I even thought they’d make cute Christmas neighbor gifts, sent along with hot chocolate.  Well, here it is, almost February, but it’s still cold and I thought the same idea would work for Valentine’s Day.

It’s just 2 packets of hot chocolate, 2 homemade heart-shaped marshmallows, and a scrap of paper folded over the top and stapled down that says “You Melt My Heart” – I debated on using “My Heart Melts for You” – also cute…..

I used the recipe for Peppermint Marshmallows from Martha Stewart - really, check out the link and how the marbling looks so great and everything is pristine – here’s my mess:

I don’t know how they got theirs to look so nice – mine was crazy!  Then I tried cutting it with a heart cookie cutter, and that was a big goey messy.  But I got enough out.  (How bout that hand sneaking into my picture – I couldn’t bring myself to crop it out – just keeping it real…)

 You could opt to eat them plain….

Or you could plan to mix them into hot chocolate, which is what I think would be yummy.  To bag them up I just put them in a baggie and folded it over on itself:

And that’s it!  They’re a little tricky to make, but it was fun to try something I’d never done before – – -


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    so like 3 years ago found an old family recipe for homemade marshmellows i cover mine with poweder sugar while they set up which helps with the cutting and i also like to use gram cracker crumbs and sprinkle on the bottom of the pan and then poor the marshmellow in and then cover with more gramcrackers and after i cut them out i dip the top in choclate and let it harden its like a smore its so yummy

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    i think this is so cute ill have todo this for teacher gifts v day! ill send you the recipe i have bc my doesnt have eggs its just sugar geltin and water and vanilla and than you mix mix

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    I make these at Xmas and give them to friends as gifts…they are super yummy in coffee too! I use the recipe from Barefoot Contessa and really like it. I also make toasted coconut and they are yummy too!

    Such a cute idea for Valentine’s Day!

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    So cute and a GREAT idea to use them for Valentines Day!
    I want to try…but not sure I’m up to that kind of a mess today!
    BTW –love the little hand “sneaking into the picture” – precious!

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    Those would be an awesome teacher gift paired with a cute mug. :) Thanks for sharing how your version of the recipe went. :) I like it when bloggers are honest about how a project worked out. Yours are great! I’m visiting from The CSI Project today. Hope you’ll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

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