January 27, 2011


The other day as I was flipping through my Google Next thing, my daughter happen to walk by at the same time that this post from Pleated Poppy about Patches popped up - I said "we should do that to your jeans" and she agreed.  And it was a snow day and we had nothing going on, so we just did it right then. 

It was so quick to just sit down and do it - I should actually accomplish things like this more often!  I also should take before pictures - I didn't, but I dug up this from Christmas Eve - sportin' the hole look in a different pair (she's in the middle of the gang):
I let her pick the fabric, cut the shape, color of thread (I didn't have embroidery floss so I just doubled up some thread) and voila - done!  Now, on to all the other holes that need repaired....
Patching the holes was really easy - go try it!


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Love it! YOu ought to come check out my fabric swap! It would be perfect for projects like this!!

awww that is sooo cute! Your little girl is a living doll! I miss those days sewing little things like that for my little girl who is 15 now:)

How fun!! I bet she has all the coolest pants at school now!

Super Sweet! I love repurposing worn out clothes. :) Following from Tater Tots and Jello. I didn't link up because there was soooo much already. Hope you come by to visit.

great idea-my daughter just ripped the knee of her jeans and i put them in my scrap pile-have to take them out now and fix them up-perfect for valentine's day!!

So cute! To bad my boys wouldn't go for it. =^)

Jo @ SmileMonsters

These are so cute! I bet my girls would love this.

Love this! My daughter and I decorated jeans a few years ago but we haven't done it since. Maybe an upcoming project :)

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