Pillowcase Snowman Dress

I know, you probably saw this coming from a mile away – but I just had to do it!

 I am coming to realize that themed pillowcase dresses are my thing – so simple (already hemmed for you) and so cute – and I’ve been stocking up on pillowcases at garage sales ($0.25 to $.50 each – great bargain for a dress!) that are just begging to be made.  Anyways, to review, I’ve made the ghost and the pumpkins:

So anyways, on to a quick tutorial (for more detailed versions, see my basic pillowcase dress tutorial) on how to make a Snowman Pillowcase Dress.

 First, cut your white pillowcase – here the opening is on the left.  You’ll cut off the end according to how long you want the dress.  Then you cut half-“u” shapes for the armpits – I fold my pillowcase in half to do this:

 Then finish the edges that you cut – I serged them, but you can hem them or zigzag them or whatever.  Then fold over the top edge to make a casing for your ribbon and sew it into place:

 Next cut all the shapes for the snowman.  I freehanded the carrot and mouth and eyes.  For the buttons I grabbed the nearest round object and cut around it.  Then I cut the same circle, but slightly smaller, out of a different fabric. 

 Laying out the design might have been the longest part of this project – I couldn’t decide on spacing – then I realized it didn’t matter and got on with life.

 For the buttons I wanted to make them bright because otherwise snowmen are kind of boring.  But I thought they needed to be black to look like buttons – layering was my solution.  I sewed an “x” using a zig zag and a couple of straight stitches to make it really stick out.  (Did you know if you ever need to see pictures bigger you can click on them? – try it).  I wanted 3 buttons but there was no room.  I left the edges raw and figure it’ll get that frayed look.

 For the nose I sewed lines to make it look like a carrot.  I’m sure I’m the only one who will notice this totally unnecessary detail.  Once again, raw edges.  The black won’t fray because it’s felt.

 Thread your ribbon through the casing and voila, you’re done.  This is such a quick project that it’s even better than a naptime project – you can get it done when kids are awake!

Obviously, since she’ll be wearing a Snowman Dress in the Winter, pair it with a long-sleeved shirt and leggings.  My model, loving it:

entering over at the CSI project:
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    I absolutely adore this! I tried finding a white pillowcase around my town so I could make one and no such luck. I will have to wait until I go out of town. Thanks for linking up to hoo’s got talent!

  2. says

    I love all of your pillow case dresses and really need to make my girls some. I’ll be featuring this tomorrow.
    p.s. thanks for linking up to my snow challenge.


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