January 21, 2011

Silhouette Project: Car Decals

I wanted to do a project using this awesome Premium Vinyl for those of you who don't have a cutting machine (kind of like the pillow HERE)....and today was a school day so I could get my kids to participate, and finish the quick project, all before the sun goes down so I can actually take a daylight picture - wahoo!

There is a great promotion going on, this week only, for Silhouette.  (Ends Saturday, Jan 22nd)

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool
A couple of great deals:

--You can get a machine, 2 rolls of Premium Vinyl, 1 roll of Transfer, and a Home Decor CD - a $395 value, for just $225 - that's a deal!! using the code "SUGARBEE"

--All Premium Vinyl is 25% off using the code "SUGARBEE"

Now remember, I bought my own silhouette, but they did send me this vinyl at no cost so I could try it out and let you know how I like it.  

Enough jabber - on to the project - - 
I jumped on the people-car-decal-fad wayyy early, maybe 5 years ago.  I love them still, but now that everyone has them, I kind of wanted something different.  So I scraped these off my van (it was a TOUGH job!!  I think they were on for life!)
Then I traced my kids hands onto the Premium made-for-outdoors vinyl and cut them out using plain ole scissors, prepped the spot, and stuck them on the van.  Since handprints aren't an intricate design, I didn't need transfer paper - just peel and stick the vinyl.

Normally the van's not so dirty, but we've had lots of snowy/slushy roads lately.....and I'm sure if you've been reading this blog awhile you're not at all surprised that I only cleaned the spot I needed....

I love how it's something different - although I kind of wish my kids had daintier hands - oh well.

So, I used about 1 foot of vinyl - it comes on a 10-foot roll for $15, and an extra 25% off that using the code "SUGARBEE" - and if you get 9 of your closest friends to go in with you, then each of you can make personalized car decals for a whooping $1.13 each (plus shipping) - what a deal.  Unless you have a huge family and need 2 feet of roll, then you'll be a big spender at $2.26.  Anyways, just an idea - I always try to recruit friends to go in on supplies for projects with me - it's a win-win.  Click the button below to head over and start shopping: (someone get dark pink - or the green - that'd be great!)

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool
More vinyl ideas coming later today....


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10 Fabulous Comments:

Cute idea!!! I love their hands, you could even put their names on the middle of them.

Loving the hand prints!! It is different! You see the little stick figures everywhere!

Loving the hand prints!! It is different! You see the little stick figures everywhere!

so cute!!! how long is the sale for? or did you mention that already!

so I reread the blog and I see that you put a date for when the sale ends...thanks for this great idea!

This is such a cute idea! What a great way to remember your childs hand size! Visiting from Tatertots & Jello

I made a decal for a couple ppl but it faded pretty fast. How do you keep it from fading?

hmm, mine hasn't faded - - I used the premium vinyl - it's great for outdoors. Maybe that's the difference?

How do I get the deal mentioned above, with all those items for $225? I used your code SUGARBEE but just get $3 off each vinyl roll.

Hi Mikayla - - this post is from January 2011, so the deal above isn't in effect right now. Thanks!

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