January 7, 2011

Tulle, anyone??

Remember my dis-a-ster of a craft room??  I'm close to my goal of having it clean - it's actually clean, but I want it to be cute (some decor, etc) before I show it off to you - but here's a sneak peak...

Folded fabric - - 

 Organized buckets of junk- -
 And the floor, oh how I've missed seeing you - -

If you'll remember, disaster stage was cause in part when my mom got rid of tons of tulle - that I of course couldn't see go to waste (it's everywhere - see the dresser drawers exploding it, the tubs full of it, bolts of it wrapped, and there are a couple of more tubs off camera that aren't pictured) - -
So that's when I knew it was time to start creating.  I made a bunch of those tulle dress-up shirt things I posted about yesterday.  And then when I had playgroup at my house, other moms had a spontaneous tutu making party - just cut it in strips and tie them onto one long, larger strip (that worked as a tie around the waist).  Super easy, and look how cute they turned out:

So, I have lots and lots more, ready to be used.  Anyone out there have a tulle project I need to tackle???


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So cute!! Hey you could make a wreath with all that tulle for Easter !!!!!

I'm very curious--why did your mother have so much tulle?

I've always wanted to make one of these tutu dresses...but who has that much tulle (well, besides you!)


don't google it..unless you really want to make one..cause they are all soooo cute (they have halloween ones...the cookie monster is so CUTE!

I made my daughter a crib skirt, matching valance and a hair bow clippy holder thing out of tulle. Her room is ballerina themed. :) I LOVE tulle. I hope she does too! Haha.


You could try my Tutu Bow Holder!

Oh fun!! I wish I could inherit a huge load of tulle! :)

I'm doing the exact same thing today! What did you use to organize your fabric? I'm trying to decide if I should just chop up some cardboard or spring for actual fabric holders? Your room looks great!

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