Valentine’s Bows

This is a quick repost – we made these last year at playgroup (you know how I love to craft with other moms with the kids run wild) and I put them on my blog then, but I’m sure almost all of you haven’t seen them because around then I had about 10 followers.

The bad news is back then I wasn’t so up on tutorials, so it’s a one-picture post (and a bad picture, at that).  The rundown – grab ribbon ($1 spool from Michaels) and glue and foam heart stickers and make stuff up as you go.  The over-the-top part – use pipe cleaners – they gave some sparkle and added fun to the bow.  On some we even made a sticker sandwich on the end of pipe cleaners so there are hearts bopping on the ends of the bow.  Glue onto those alligator clips and let your girls enjoy.  You can make these – go try it!

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    I just love your creativity. I’m the Stake Asst Camp Director for Liberty Stake and have seen your craft ideas. You’re awesome! Looking forward to working with you!–Carrie


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