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I wasn’t sure about doing these “fashion” (I use that term loosely since I’m far from a fashion-ista!) posts on a craft blog, but you all seem to really like them.  Well, at least they bring out the comments.  So I guess I’ll keep them coming.

Just a heads up, because someone asked, I have a small build and I’m short – 5’3″ – although proportionally I think I have long legs and a short torso.   Sometimes I try to buy “petite” pants because they’re on clearance, but they’re too short, even though I’m short, so that’s why I think I have long legs.  Using “long” as a relative term and all.

So, it was Saturday – this is what I wore:

Purple Shirt: garage sale ($.50?) Old Navy
Black Cami: DownEast, hand-me-down
Sweatpants: Old Navy 10+ years ago
Slippers: made by me HERE, I wear them daily – I should make another pair….

So, later that night I had to run to the store.  And I almost went as-is.  And then I thought, I should make the effort.  It took less than 5 minutes to throw on some jeans, a scarf, and comb my crazy hair:

Scarf: Target, Black Friday Sales, $5 – I’m trying to embrace the scarf thing – easy to throw on and I think it steps up my look.
Jeans: can’t remember, but they’re from a clothing swap
Gray Boots: Kohls, $20, Black Friday – I had to run in quick to get these!!

Much better, right??  maybe I should have been making the effort all day long instead of the last hour of the day….

Now, for a outfit from Sunday at church:

Fist off, is my hair that flat in real life?  I thought it had a little poof – maybe not!

Dress: DownEast – it was ugly in the catalog and on the rack (yes, I actually got to go to a DE store when I traveled with my husband for his work a couple of years ago) but I tried it on and loved the fit. $20? (clearance)
Necklace: DownEast – I was trying to get free shipping and needed $5 in purchases to get it, so I added the necklace to my cart.
Boots: (they’re brown) – Shoe Carnival, last year, Black Friday, $20

Making the effort in a couple of ways:
–I wore a long necklace – usually I think necklaces have to be above the neckline of the dress, and that long necklaces are for plain shirts with no interest on the front – this dress has front interest and I still wore a long necklace – daring!
–HOSE?!? – this is where I need you – I’m anti-hose.  If it were fall or spring, I’d wear this same thing without hose, no problem.  But it’s the dead of winter, and I guess my mom’s in the back of head with You HAVE to Wear Hose – and so I did.  But are flesh-colored hose in?out? what do you do???  They seem so obviously fake in color, but the nude ones aren’t any better.  Thoughts??

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    I do that all the time- I wear my pj’s all day, and then at like 4pm I shower and get dressed…seems like a waste, but at least hubby thinks I was dressed cute all day!

    I am anti- hose, although, I am a cold natured person, and I love LOVE tights! Play around with some bold colors…I think a pair of off white tights would have looked cute with your dress… I think you always look cute! Keep posting these, I like them!

  2. says

    Definitely switch the hose out for tights or leggings. Not only are they more fashionable, but also more comfortable.

    I also have the same feelings about long necklaces (and any earrings other than studs), but am trying to wear them more. I went to a jewelry party lately, and the consultant told us the longer jewelry was slimming and can be worn with everything. Who knew?!?

  3. says

    Cute! One of the girls in our ward has that dress and I’m always a little envious!

    I’m pro-hose, but my legs are pastey like Elmer’s glue, so there ya have it.

  4. says

    love that green dress – I think everyone loves the WIWW because we can all relate to the NOT getting dressed up routine it is fun to get others ideas. You should start linking up with the parties – The Pleated Poppy, Jewelscape, etc… :)

  5. says

    Hi! I enjoyed your post :) Good for you! wiww is a little intimidating, but i’m always glad when i do it, you know? so, I definitely agree *no* to hose with this outfit. Tights all the way. I’m 35 and a very “classic” style, but tights win out over hose hre for sure. An off-white maybe, possibly a charcoal since your boots are black, but I’m unsure about charcoal with the green. If you really wanted an updated option that stretched your comfort zone a bit, a deep plum shade of tights would be perfect with this outfit. Maybe a scarf, too, that picked up the same plum shade.

    Really, though, you look great as is! :)

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