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Thanks for the all the advice on hose – sounds like I need to invest in some tights.  I know it’s a good discussion when even my mom pipes on in with a comment!

So moving on, I think my biggest issue is shoes.  I have 2 pair of boots I bought this season to step up my style, and I love them.  But sometimes I think I should wear something other than boots so I don’t have to wear skinny jeans that day. So I branch out and that’s where it gets tricky.  I want to wear socks with flats, but it’s not a good look. I would revert back to my tennis shoes, but that’s not the point.

So here I am, dressed nice at a game night.  My husband even said – “I noticed you looked nice today” – he knows I’m trying to step it up, so it’s nice that he points it out.  It reminded me – oh yeah, I need to take a picture.  So I did.  The funny thing – I couldn’t decide what shoes to wear, but it was okay because we hosted, so I didn’t leave the house – socks were a go.

–Shrug, Express from a garage sale, $0.50 (you’ve probably noticed, I’m a super bargain shopper)
–Lace Tank, Downeast Basics, $10
–Jeans, GAP clearance $10

So, when I was in a thrift shop looking for handles (found them – score!) I looked at shoes knowing I need to expand my options.  I found these and hope you approve – they have a heel!  I wore them without socks but maybe I could have worn them with socks?!?

I wore them with this outfit, which is outside my comfort zone – I’ve noticed people putting belts over shirts, so I tried it.  The shirt is probably a little dated – see the flared sleeves??  I have a shirt with a lace hem that stuck out under the shirt, but it must have scrunched up during the picture.  I thought the necklace added color.  And what’s with my hair, again!?! – it reminds me of boy hair from the 70s – kinda flat and long-bowlish….

–necklace – local resale store, $10
–belt – GAP clearance, $3
–shirt – garage sale??
–trouser jeans – garage sale, $4 (more than I usually pay at a garage sale, but a good move because they fit great)
–shoes, Mudd, thrift store, $4

Next week’s big discussion – jeans!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I like the shoes with no socks, but I think some fun socks with a complementary color scheme/pattern would be really cute too, and keep your feet warm! And definitely belt more things, it works great for you!

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    You look too cute. I LOVE those shoes and you could try those little socks that don’t show I think they are called peds. Super cheap and perfect for shoes like that.

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    Great shoes, Ok if the trouser are long enough you can get away with a plain dark sock (but don’t tell anyone hehe) or they now do pop socks (!!) in thick opaque deniers so that would also work. I hate cold feet, there is nothing worse. Great job on stepping out of your comfort zone you look wonderful, maybe try tucking your shirt in with a funky belt. Oh dear do I sound bossy today, sorry. Have a wonderful week honey. axx

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    I wear socks often – I find that my shoes give me blisters if I don’t. I would say wearing brown or tan socks would have been fine – but without looked good too. Btw: Loved the necklace

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    I call em footies…but the first comment I read mentioned them I think. I wear them with flats :) And both outfits look great! I’m also trying to step up my outfits. It’s hard isn’t it?? Ugh.

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    Nice thrifting – love it! You look great, and keep pushing the envelope, you’ll find your groove. I’m doing the same, and my hubby’s noticed, too. : )

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    okay..first. love the pop of turquoise. second…love the bargain shopper…I tell people how cheap I find stuff and it embarrasses my husband when I’m all “2.50 for these pants!” and I have a thing for shoes that is all about comfort. I have these olllld slip on shoes that are about to fall apart..but I love them and wear them everywhere! but I might ditch them to get some of your cute heels! adore!

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    LOVE those shoes! Stopping by today from WIWW for the first time :-). I with ya on the sock dilemma…I never know: “to wear or not to wear”… I’ve enjoyed reading other peoples advice on that score. Hope you have a great weekend! ~Kristin from Living Graciously

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