Alright, on to week 2 of What I Wore Wednesday – – after a controversial first week (HERE – and I agree, I should have worn a different shirt under the dress thing – brown or cream, but I didn’t have one one hand) I’m back to my more normal way of doing things – but still trying to step it up just a little:

First off, just FYI, I got my haircut a little shorter than normal and said to the stylist “I want a FUN short do, not a MOM short do” – I think I ended up with  the Mom Short Do – oh well, it’ll grow…..

Alright, so above:
Plaid Shirt – new for Christmas (our whole family got one) – I assume since there were a bunch at Target that they’re “in”??  Anyone know?  it definitely shrunk when washed – maybe it’s supposed to be skin tight?? oh, maybe I was supposed to wear it without an under shirt, halfway unbuttoned…..
Undershirt - Downeast Basics
Jeans - I was told that boyfriend jeans could be worn with boots because unrolled they have skinny ankles and can stuff down inside the boots, so I that – Aeropostale, $8 or something (sale plus coupon)
Boots – Target, mentioned last week (oh great, week 2 and already repeating….)

 Sweater – from my mom for Christmas – I think it came from Kohls – I don’t know if I would have picked it, but I really like it – so thumbs up for wearing something a little out of my normal rut.
Undershirt – lace long-sleeve T from DownEast – 50% off clearance sale – I got it for $2.50
Jeans - Target Clearance $7 – they fit great in the waist, etc, but they’re really long.  I just cuff them but I don’t think that’s what I should do.  Maybe attempt hemming them??
Shoes – Sketchers Sport Flats things – there’s a zig-zag velcro across the top.  I know these are not the shoes I should be wearing, but I don’t know what those shoes would be.  And if I did pick these ones, do I just go without socks?? Obviously they’re a no-go.

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    First of all, congrats on getting back up here this week with your outfits after last week it really shows that you’re able to receive a little bit of encourage criticism and build on it! :)

    You’re first outfit it just perfect, the boots and shirt go so well together!

    And I don’t wanna be a downer but maybe perhaps yes hem your jeans in the second outfit, it’ll help them sit better and will make you feel better too! As for shoes I’d probably pop some metallic flats with the outfit – in either silver or gold. They would be worth the investment as you’ll find that they go with pretty much everything! You might need socks for the moment but keep them plain! That or a good pair of boots, more leather than fabric. I’m going to say chocolate coloured because they’d go really well with your jeans and the lovely rich red on the sweater!

    Phew! A bit of an essay! But I just love talking clothes :D Well done on this week I can’t wait for next!!


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    Hey! I love that you’re doing this – I am like the least fashionable person ever… Well, I mean, I can pick out cute things once in a while, but I am too LAZY to “do myself up”. I wanted to tell you, though, regarding your jeans! I just read on “Crap I’ve Made” like 15 minutes ago this great tutorial on hemming jeans without taking away the nice machine hem.

    I thought maybe it would be helpful! I am short legged so I am planning on doing it with some of my jeans. :) I love both outfits! I would probably just go with a shoe that doesn’t expose any of your sock and I think you’ll be fine with that second outfit. Black shoes with exposed white socks always make me think 1990s Michael Jackson! I mean absolutely no offense by that because I wind up doing it all the time – for whatever reason my jeans are always too long or too short and when they’re too short, my socks are all, “Billie Jean is not my lover. She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one.” ;) Happy new year!

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    Oh you are BRAVE. I could never post pictures of my outfits…mostly because I can’t put together a decent outfit for anything and spend much of my time in yoga pants and lazy clothes. :)

    And your haircut? Love it. I think short hair is the best. :)

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    Very cute…very! And I loved your first WIWW outfit…your hair is cute too…not mom short either. Besides, it is the person behind the hair, not the cut that makes it mom or not! :)

    happy wednesday!

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    Super Cute!!!

    I love the first outfit. It is perfect all the way around.

    For the second outfit, you could leave the jeans the length they are if you wore shoes with a slight heel. That would make your legs look even more long and skinny then they already are. I wear wedge heels all the time because they’re really easy to walk in. If you’re not pro-heels, you could still wear the shoes pictured. Just hem the jeans and where different colored socks (black/tan/etc. I really love the red sweater, though.

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    I don’t know how I missed your last WIWW post. Too cute, and I love the variety of comments. Best thing to receive is honest feedback (albeit constructively delivered). We won’t get better at this thing if everyone blows smoke up our . . . . That’s my paly on the “stoned” comment. You are a great sport. Love your spunk!

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    Wow… I once thought about doing this very thing, more power to you for being so bold as to do it. You are adorable and I think all of your outfits are cute! How tall are you? I think we have about the same build and I am always looking for things that look cute on my body. Keep it up your cute!

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