Apron – for keeps!

Take 2 of my apron tutorial – I love it!  And this time, I’m keeping it for me – wahoo.

I picked the fabric because my kitchen is bright green so I wanted my apron to feel at home.

I was glad that Ucreate picked my Full Apron Tutorial for this months project – it motivated me to finally get around to making an apron for myself.

Um, no, my elbow-pit is not growing curls – it’s from this project – guess I should use a background…and I was trying to go a little more “artsy” with this pic – crazy face, color pop – eh?

It was interesting using my own tutorial to make something – of course I altered it a little.

Here’s what I changed:

First off, I flipped all the pieces and put them out across the fabric, not down it, so in the original tutorial where it names width and length, I flipped all of those.
I was able to do this because I made the whole apron a little smaller than the original measurements.

Next change, I made a box pleat instead of a ruffle.  I’ve been wanting to try one, so I just went for it.  Basically you fold 2 sides under then 2 sides over, all the way down a strip.  You can kind of see that here:

I wanted the “boxes” really defined, so mine have spaces inbetween (in a real box pleat they’re supposed to touch).  See the space??:

And here’s the finished edge – fun, right?!

Also, I made the bottom trim using a thin strip of green and making the box pleat out of a strip of the main fabric.  I curved the edge a little and somehow ended up with this that I love:

Another thing I did differently was the neck straps.  I made 2 straps that tie instead of one that connects with velcro.  Also, where the straps connect, I slanted them a little instead of having them come straight up:

Here’s a backed-out view of the top:

I stitched where the side ties connect twice – I might have done this on the original too –

For the pocket, I thought a circle shape would be cute to mimic the dots in the fabric – I traced a bowl.  Deciding on how many pockets, what to put on the pocket (I ended up with nothing – keeping it simple) and where to put the pocket took me forever – I almost had to post a poll to ask your opinion – but I just ended up going with one pocket, off-center.

That’s it!  I toyed with the idea of adding yoyos around the waistband, and even sewed a few, but I wasn’t sold on them – I took the apron to playgroup to ask opinions, and it was decided to leave it simple, without yoyos.  Here it hangs, ready to used in my kitchen (along with my holiday apron – guess I can put that away..)

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Gorgeous! THIS is the tutorial I’ve been looking for! One question, though: is your fabric folded over so it’s double thickness, or is that just one layer of fabric (for the main parts)? The fabric I want to use is actually a vintage pillow case that came from my mother in law, so I want it to be nice and sturdy and hold up to washing. But the fabric itself is fairly thin. Any suggestions you have would be awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love the changes that you have made from the original one! I want to make it this weekend but I would also like to know if it is doubled at all or if the single layer is enough? (can you tell I am a beginner?:P)

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    I love your apron Mandy. I would have used you tutorial for my first apron if I hadn’t already committed to Jess to make a tutorial for our series. I found your tutorial days after we decided to do the series. I’m so inspired, I might have to make a second apron.


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