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Boys and Valentine’s just don’t mesh that well.  It’s way too cutsie of a holiday.  So I thought I’d just ignore it for my boys.  But then I saw this cute Valentine (or anytime!) Robot over at The Boy Trifecta – Emily sewed hers on, so head there for that tutorial.  But I’m lazy, and thought, I bet I could just make something similar with the Silhouette.  And I was right- look at the design I found in their online design store (everything’s $1) – it’s almost a perfect replica, heart and all:  (oh, and I had to leave Kate’s hand in the picture because she’s always questioning the look of my hands – see, all hands picture weird!)

I just cut it with my Silhouette and ironed it on – like a 10 minute project.  He happened to have 2 red tshirts in the same size, so it was meant to be.  And I LOVE it – and so does the cutie I made it for – here he is, showing it for the camera (he’s sleeping in it as I type…)

So, don’t you wish you had listened to me and had purchased some iron-on vinyl from Silhouette – maybe you did….I think this design is basic enough that you could cut the vinyl with scissors if you wanted to.  Anyways, check out the Silhouette in all it’s glory – they now cut fabric (can’t wait to try that – eek!!!)

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    Hi! thanks a lot for linking up this adorable project! we are featuring it in our blog today! I really love how cute the shirt came out with the robot and all… and the shirt even looked cuter on your model!

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