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Every morning I like to check blogs – flip through my google reader next button and see what’s going on in the blog world.  Apparently the morning Computer Checking has rubbed off….

I do another round of blog-checking during naptime.  That’s when I write up blog posts, etc, as well.  So, do you have a favorite Computer Checking routine??

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    Yep- I check in the morning for 15 minutes (but mostly make sure that I didn’t publish anything I shouldn’t have, etc.- hahaha!). Then the computer’s off until naptime… and then I try to get all of my computer stuff done during nap. :)
    Sounds like we have a similar routine! :)

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    I tend to do most of my blog reading when I get to work in the morning…shhhhhhh — don’t tell my boss! ;) I don’t get much time for blog hopping on the weekends since I am usually catching up on cleaning, laundry and spending time with my kiddos.

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    I usually start my day by checking my emails, blogs, etc. It’s a bad habit for me because clearly I lack self control because a quick check can easily lead to a good hour of browsing and blog hopping. the days I keep the computer off until lunch time are definitely my most productive.

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    First thing in the morning while I have my coffee! My day doesn’t seem complete with out it and my morning gets all off track when I don’t!

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    I have a look through my favorite blogs first thing in the morning while my girl’s are having their breakfast. That way they don’t get annoyed with me sitting infront of the computer!!!

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