Covered Buttons

Have you ever wondered about making covered buttons?? They’re super easy and really give that POP you might be looking for.  But warning – they may be addictive.

My first round were just standard to match a vest for my little boy:

They were just plain – – but now that I’ve made some with fun fabric (Amy Butler’s Soul Blossom line), there’s no stopping…  Here’s a quick how to make Dritz (or any – that’s just what I used) covered buttons:

Some packs come with a snapping tool – some don’t.  But they basically go together the same way.  This package did not have a tool.   

Cut circles a little bigger than the button (my package had a template on the back) – an notice those teeth-things:

Wrap the fabric around and push it into the teeth-things to hold it in place – see:

Put the bottom piece on top of the top piece.  Push down – hard -you’ll hear a “snap”.  A hint is to use a spool of thread – fit the hole in the spool over the little hook thing in the button.

And that’s it.  Fun, right??

These were for my fall/spring coat – I love the “pop” they gave it.  But now I want to make a bunch just to have a fabric covered button stash for future projects….

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