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A while back I won a subscription to E-mealz – ever heard of them??  Well you have if you listen to Dave Ramsey – they advertise there.  So I knew of them was was super excited to win the giveaway.  And now YOU have that same chance – wahoo!!

What is E-mealz??

e-mealz meal plans…

…are written and created by REAL moms with REAL families
…are balanced and family friendly
…are as easy as possible, but delicious and kid tested!
…consist of favorite recipes collected from hundreds of moms
…come with an organized, aisle by aisle grocery list
…are for 4 to 6 people
…are based on the current week sales at your grocery
…are priced at approximately $75 per week
…Two person plans average $35 total per week

My thoughts on E-mealz:
–LOVE having menus – I go through life phases where I have menus, and it’s SO much easier to look and know what we’re having for dinner instead of trying to come up with something at 4pm.
–So many options – what meal types, what store you shop at, etc – works for everyone.
–The way the shopping list is organized is amazing – everything is divided into the right departments, etc – makes everything easy to find.
–I enjoy trying new recipes but hate finding them – this just puts them right in front of me.
–Everything I made was easy and my kids enjoyed it.
–If you’re grocery budget is out-of-control, this could be for you.  For me, I’m huge into shopping sales and buying cheap, so it wasn’t a moneysaver (seriously, my grocery budget is crazy-frugal) but at $300 for a month of dinners, I can see how that can be a huge moneysaver for a lot of people.
–E-mealz is changing peoples’ lives – seriously, check out the Testimonials page!!

So, what can you win??

A FREE 3 Month Subscription to Emealz!!

But first, if you can’t wait, it’s only $5 a month – and on top of that, if you use the code “SUGARBEE” you’ll get 10% off (expires at the end of March, so don’t delay) – click the link below:

I <3 Emealz

3 chances to enter – leave a separate comment for each one you do:

–Go to the E-mealz Website and come back here to tell me what impressed you the most.

–Follow E-mealz on Twitter

–Join E-mealz on Facebook

Giveaway ends Friday, Feb 18th, around noon.

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    My SIL uses E-mealz and likes them..she is always telling me the recipes are really good..so I would like to save money plus make a good meal for my family

  2. says

    I like that there are
    low carb options. Due to health concerns, my husband needs to eat a low carb diet and it is so hard to do. I don’t shop regularly at the stores listed, so I also love that there is an any store option. Anything that shaves time off that I spend at the grocery store and planning meals, is a plus in my book!

  3. says

    I used to belong to emealz and then my husband got laid off from his job and we had to cut everything out of our budget, including my emealz. I really miss getting these great menus which saved me lots of time and money.

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