February 21, 2011

Fitted Jacket

I made a fun fitted jacket!  You can do this - I impressed myself that I could.  It's made of fleece and using Simplicity Pattern 2812:

And I was so surprised how easy it was - came together really quickly, and I didn't even need to call my mom to figure out what the pattern was saying.  Ignore my pants and shoes in the picture - of course, in 2 days the temps went from record lows to the 70s - so the day I finished it, it was really warm out - not really jacket weather. 

 Ever since I saw the yellow jacket on Running With Scissors, I've had it in my mind to make something similar.  That day at Joann's, Simplicity Patterns were the ones one the $1 sale, so I grabbed Simplicity 2812 - and fleece was on sale, so that's what I used.  It's like being wrapped in a blanket - love it.  It's not too thick because it's not lined (it called for lining but I just skipped that part) - perfect.

My favorite part - the welts - those flap-things on the pockets.  I used Amy Butler fabric and I think it just adds the right "pop".
 I also used that fabric on the buttons and on the inside of the stand collar for a few more fun "pops". 
LOVE how it turned out!!


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that is great! I need new coats that are comfortable. I like the idea of using fleece, I would have never thought of that. I love your color choice and the amy butler print is perfect with it!

Wow, fabulous jacket! I really like the style and I LOVE the colour, especially with the Amy Butler accents. Well done, you are such a pro!

I'm so impressed mandy, great job!

I love the Amy Butler fabric and buttons - cute jacket, put you made it really pop!

Wait, WHAT? You MADE that? As in sewed the whole thing? AMAZING! I struggle with a square pillow. You are a super star :)

It looks so good, Super great job!!

Thanks for the tip on the pattern! I've been staring at my coat closet in dissatisfaction, and I think this might do the trick. Great job...beautiful colors!

So cute! And it looks SO comfy!! Love the pops of color!!!

Great job! I love sewing with fleece and skipping the lining too! The color is perfect to brighten cold days up a bit.

It turned out super cute! I love the blue. I'm working on pants right now and I'm completely stumped on the welt part!


Oh you've made me want to make this!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll have to keep the pattern number in my purse for when I'm out shopping.

You did a really great job!

Fantastic! I love that you said you didn't have to call your mom about the pattern. Patterns can really confuse the heck out of me and I'm always calling mom to get her to explain it. Haha.

I love your choice of colors & fabrics- what a neat coat! I will have to check out that pattern...next time they're on sale!
erica @ http://bisforboycreations.blogspot.com/

I really need to learn how to sew This is adorable beyond words!

LOVE!! The coat, I have a very hard time finding a coat I like that's not to heavy but fits right. I may keep an eye out for the pattern, and try to whip one up for my self.

That turned out amazing! And you are much braver than I am, I would be too scared to try and make a coat! Amazing job!

It's gorgegous; I love the aqua and the fabulous Amy Butler fabric. You're right it's just the thing to take you jacket from cute to fabulous.

I LOVE it! Such a great look! Definitely the stylish way to pull of a fleece jacket!
Cardigans and Cookie Dough

It turned out great! The colors are fabulous.

So cute Mandy!!! I love the color of the fleece and of course, love the AB fabric :) Good job figuring out the pattern, sometimes they can be a bugger.

Turned out great, fresh color for spring. Skipping the lining...love it. Fun to make something for yourself to wear!

that is adorable! i love the lines of it, not something you usually see in fleece.

My spring and fall jacket is fleece and I love it! Nice job.

Adorable! I'm bookmarking this one!

Looks great and the mixed fabrics works wonderful- and the pattern would be one that I want to have. But it wouldn´t look that nice with a bust that is that too much for such a pattern ;)
the colors would be great for my daughter. I will bookmark your side:)

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