February 5, 2011

Football Oreo Truffles

In case you're looking for a fun treat for tomorrow's game, check what I made today - Football Oreo Truffles.  Fun, right??

I got them from Bakerella  - and be sure to check her site, because hers are so  pretty.  First off, how does she get a perfect football shape everytime?? Mine were oblong blobs.  And not uniform at all.  Second, how does she get her lines so perfect?  I tried stopping and starting my lines each time, but that didn't work too well (see right side of pan) - then I made one continuous line from football to football, and that seemed to go a little better (see left side of pan).  For the laces I ended up dipping a toothpick and then drawing them on because the piping wasn't working. 
 In the end, when they're all bunched together, they don't look as ugly.  Crush some oreos (huge shout-out to my food processor!) and make yourself some!!


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These are so stinkin' cute! And I'm guessing they taste awesome! Very cool!

With these... I may actually learn to LIKE football! :-)

I've been making Oreo Truffles for years! They are so easy and absolutely to.die.for.! This version is really cute!

Hi just stopping in to say that we just love your blog & nominated you for the Stylish blogger Award!
Guidelines for accepting (if you choose to) as well as the button can be found at http://adamstrinity.blogspot.com/2011/02/our-first-award.html

~Reba www.adamstrinity.blogspot.com

So stinkin cute! I think your's look fab Mandy! Bookmarking for next year's kickoff...hubby reminded me it's only 7 months away ;)

You're right - great minds do think a like :) I love that you have the white on each end. My husband had to make sure I had 5 laces on each side :) Love them!

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