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Did you know the Silhouette offers a bunch of 3D designs in their online design studio?  When I wanted to take some of the truffles to a few ladies at church, I needed a cute way to package them.  I just cut the design into cardstock, folded on the perforation, and done!  Obviously, box on the left is folded shut – box on the right is opened and dumped artistically on it’s side so you can see what’s in the package:

Now, I love my Silhouette, but I’m not going to claim it’s perfect.  It gives me problems occasionally with cardstock – this time it came unstuck and then a piece got caught in the machine (does this happen to anyone else??).  But I noticed it right away, stopped the machine, and cut the last line by hand, so crisis averted. 

LOVE these little boxes – makes 2 truffles seem like a really special treat (and with only 2 needed per box, leaves more for me!)

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    I just made 38 invitations for my FIL’s ordination with my Silhouette and I had a ton of problems with the cardstock not sticking/getting stuck in the machine. SO … you aren’t alone ! I started with a brand new mat and by the end it was used up.

    I haven’t tried any of the 3D designs yet but I have some so I hope to have a reason to soon ! These are really cute.

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    My mat has only come unstuck once and I was using 80lb cardstock on the thinner media mat. I’ve since started using my thicker media mat for the 80lb card stock and it works better. I haven’t used the spray, but I’ve heard that it works well too.

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    Love those boxes! I, too, have had a few problems with cardstock, but only with the thickest cardstock while cutting larger designs. I wiped down my mat with a warm, damp cloth and it really gave it back a lot of stickyness. And I also use a bone folder (or tongue depressor or ruler) to really seal the paper to the mat and then I’ve never had it slide. I plan to keep using this mat just as long as I can keep it alive and sticky. :)

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