February 14, 2011

Rolled Flower Necklace

Need something quick to wear for Valentine's today??  You can whip up a rolled flower necklace with some scraps of fabric - really, quick and simple - here's how:

--Rip strips of fabric (or sheets, like me!) that are approximately 1 inch wide.

--Follow my previous tutorial on How to Make Rolled Fabric Flowers - I even have a quick video for those who learn best that way.  Make an odd number of flowers, 3 or 5 (my own opinion - I guess you could make even numbers if you want...).  Anyone can join in on the fun:
--Next take your flowers and hot glue them onto a piece of felt in a necklace shape, as shown:
 --Then cut off all the excess felt (but don't cut completely between the flowers - the felt holds them together).  Flip the necklace over and hot glue ribbon on each end.  Then I glued a strip of felt to give it a little more stability.  Here's the back view:
 That's it - tie around your necklace and enjoy the pop of pink it adds to your outfit:
One of my girls wanted to tie it to her head like a headband.  So I one-upped her and said - let's just make it a REAL headband.  So I cut her flowers apart from the necklace shape and glued them on the headband.  I wanted 3, but she wanted to use all 5 - I made it work by layering them and love the dimension that gives.
 So there you go - super cute necklace and super cute headband.  Just don't wear them together - it's super cute overload which has disastrous results, as pictured (don't worry, this was just for you - I didn't go out wearing the necklace and the headband together - yikes!)
Happy Valentine's Day!!


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so cute! I really love the headband with the flowers stacked - Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for sharing! You make it seem so simple! I may have to tackle this with my little girls! they would love it!

So Cute! Love the pink for V-Day! I have to make one of these soon. I think my 2 year old would want one too!

I'm DIGGING the headband! It's so CUTE!!!!

These both turned out really cute! I love the laying on the headband. I actually just made one of these necklaces this weekend - in light pink too! Great minds...craft...alike hehe :)

OK - I LOVE that headband... and it would be PERFECT for my daughters Pinkalicious party!

Thanks for linking with Sugar & Spice.

I just found your blog from Funky Polkadot Giraffe, love the necklaces. I especially loved the headband, I have so much extra fabric to try it with. Thanks for sharing!

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