Showing Off

First Off, Remember the Auditions for One Month To Win It (OMTWI – I want this acronym to catch on because it’s easier to type…..) open today – anyone can win this.  And there are prizes – good luck!!

Again, over 300 links – amazing!  I’ll be starting to feature throughout the week over on the Sugar Bee Craft Edition Facebook Page.  For now, here’s some fabulous ideas:

Thanks to A Glimpse Inside, I’m now in search of lime green candlesticks…..

I know many people dream of a craft room – dream bigger people!  How bout a whole craft cottage!  See it over at Backwoods Cottage:

Mississippi Mud shows how to make a mini-banner – fold the paper first -who knew!

I can’t stop looking at these felt deliah’s from The Life of Riley – amazing!  I’m adding them to my to-do list…

Love the camera strap from Spunky Junky – I sewed one a similar way just a couple weeks ago…

I really like this little black dress from Etectorize – seems like a great pattern -

Sweet Pea and JoJo has a great T-shirt refashion that knocks of a DownEast shirt:


And when mentioning refashions, you can’t leave out Sarah from Welcome to the Good Life – she’s done it, AGAIN, with this cute number:

Sugar Bananas has a cute idea with this crayon monogram:

I am so intrigued by quilts right now – this one at JAQS studio is no exception – -


Since I just got back from Chik-fil-a kids-eat-free-night, I have yummy chicken on the brain – I’m sure these Ranch Strips from Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker fit the bill:

I love to do a crochet shout-out each week – this week I’m loving the heart garland from Sarahndipites:

And….drumroll…..most viewed link – – 
the Crayon Monogram I mentioned above – congrats to Sugar Bananas!

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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