Snow Day – Ice Cream

Snowmagedon, Snowpacolypse, Blizzard of ’11 – whatever you want to call it – maybe we’ll call it “spring break” since the kids are now using their Spring Break days as Snow Day makeups.  Anyways – kids are home – whatcha gonna do??  With a plethora of snow, of course “Snow Ice Cream” comes to mind. 

 First, earlier in the day the kids had a chance to play on the computer, PBSKids, and printed this recipe – so I thought, why not, let’s make it!  Apple Crumble, straight from Caillou.  And so ice cream was a perfect topping to the warm apple crisp – mmm.

In anticipation, I set the bowl out the night before the blizzard – the second picture is half-way through the day – should have grabbed it then.  By the end of the day, I just had to plunge my hand into the snowbank and hope to find the bowl.

We used Paula Dean’s recipe – just stir a can of sweetened condensed milk with 8 cups of snow and add a teaspoon of vanilla for taste.

  The kids declared it “the BEST ice cream we’ve ever had” and told me “you’re the best chef ever, mom!” – well, thank you.  It was tough.  Um, not.  If you still have snow on the ground, go make some.  I didn’t try it plain, so I can’t vouch for the taste – but it was great on top of apple crumble!

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    I had a post all planned for making snow ice cream in houston! But.. it didn’t snow despite all the hype!! Glad someone got to enjoy it though… I remember making it when I was a kid. Looks delicious!! : )

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