February 26, 2011

Style Stitches Bag #2

 I saw the Sew Alongs for the Amy Butler bags and knew I wanted to join in - I tried to get the book from the library but I was WAY down on the wait list - after seeing the fabulous bags everyone was making, I couldn't take waiting anymore and ordered it via Amazon.  But it wasn't going to ship til April - what?!?  That's what I get with free shipping - so I canceled.  Meanwhile, my aunt ordered her copy and somehow ended up with two - it was meant to be.
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So I just got the book this week and figured I wouldn't participate in February, but then I really wanted to make that bag, so I just did! I liked the idea of using it for a craft tote (that picture in the book where it's filled with yarn) - the "shopper" bag didn't really appeal to me because (and don't hate me) I like getting plastic bags - we use them to wrap up stinky diapers, so the kids can empty trashcans into manageable sacks, etc.

Sorry for ANOTHER sewing post this week - it seems like I go in crafting spurts - all sewing, all repurposing, all paper, etc - anyways, I've been on a sewing kick.  For you non-sewer, stay tuned because Monday I have an awesome photo board craft for you.

I made a few changes to the pattern - 
--first, SOOO glad I looked through the flicker groups before I started - I saw that a lot of people divided the pocket and I thought that would be most functional for me.  I also saw that someone added a ruffle to the front pocket, which I loved and copied:

--actually, maybe I should mention this first - I cut down the size of the whole bag.  The pattern calls for a lot of fabric - I made this last-minute and used what I had on hand, so I had 2 pieces of Amy Butler Fabric that were 1/2 yard each.  I made it work.  The bag is still plenty big - especially since I don't want it to be a "shopper".  The secret is that for the lining where you need more fabric than the outside (for the handles and outside pocket) I didn't have enough so half-way down I used plain fabric (fabric - sheet - - it's all the same - you know I love using sheets!)
--I didn't put any pockets on the inside - since it's half plain I knew I wouldn't be reversing the bag.  So I added a pocket to the outside - the one on the back doesn't have a ruffle because I didn't have enough fabric.
Anyways, I LOVE my bag - you should make one!!
I made a smaller version for a little book bag - the girls picked their fabric and helped sew it - here's the neighbor, who LOVES hers.  And a picture of my daughter, who sewed her own (I did the bottom - that part's a little tricky - the rest is just straight seams).


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LOVE IT!! Love the style, color, and the changes you made. I'm gonna have to remember that ruffle along the pocket thing --- really adds!

I Love this bag!! Beautiful colors and the ruffles are so cute! Great job :o)

I love your fabric choices!! Can I just tell you that i have had that book for aaaaaages now and still haven't made a single thing? I'm such a slacker!

I absolutely LOVE your fabric choice! And the bag is awesome. You did a really nice job!

So pretty - I am on the hunt for the book now!

yours turned out great. I have made two already!

That book is WAY up there on my list! I made the blossom handbag and I love it! (there was a free pattern on Sew, Mama Sew!) I really need to get it ordered. :)

This is awesome! Great job.

Hey there,

LOVE the bag and your blog. I was wondering what is the secret to making a ruffle? I have tried on the bottom of jeans and the ruffles don't come out very "even".


Looks great! I really like the ruffle you added to the pocket. Thanks for linking up to the Sew Along!

Im swooning over the fabric you used, such a beautiful bag. And the ruffle was a perfect addition!

I love this bag it is so cute. When I get a sewing machine I'm definently going it make it. And I adore the ruffle you added.

REALLY love that bag! Great job! Must make one!

I finally went over and looked at all the "link ups" for the sew along! Let me just say, as cute as they are, yours is by far the cutest one! I just love the little ruffle! :)

So CUTE! I don't know how I missed this when you posted it...I love the bag pared down. It really is a BIG bag sewn as instructed. I used it as an overnight bag...that's the size. Now you've made it to be more purse-size. I love it!

I totally agree - this bag is too big for the average 5'2" shopper - and I LOVE your 'refined' version!

going to work on my origami bags today!

You've totally inspired me to make one AND add a ruffle. I will give you credit, too - when it's finally finished.

I love this! I must have missed this post, because I'm just reading it today - but I sewed my first bag yesterday and I'm so excited about it. Now that I've seen yours I think I'll have to do one like it! Really beautiful. I can't wait to give those pockets a try. ~Lori

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