Superbowl Cuteness

I just have to share what a friend made for her girls – they are way excited for the SuperBowl in their house this year because they are Packers through and through.  Anyways, check out the shirts – to make them (correct me if I get it wrong, Micah!)
–Cut the shape (“G”) out of fabric and applique it (that means a really tight zigzag around the edge) to another piece of fabric.
–Cut a circle out of the bigger piece of fabric and applique it on to the t-shirt – you will probably want to use a stabilizer on the back side of the t-shirt (makes shirts easy to sew onto).

Micah didn’t stop at the shirts – she then made corker bows – something I’ve never done but really need to!  I’m sure you can google a how to, but I think they involve soaking and wrapping ribbon around dowel rods, then baking them in the oven.  Aren’t the balloons a nice touch??

Then she went a whole step further and made a tulle and a ribbon tutu – what more could the girls want?!

Super cute, right?!?!

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