February 4, 2011

Superbowl Cuteness

I just have to share what a friend made for her girls - they are way excited for the SuperBowl in their house this year because they are Packers through and through.  Anyways, check out the shirts - to make them (correct me if I get it wrong, Micah!)
--Cut the shape ("G") out of fabric and applique it (that means a really tight zigzag around the edge) to another piece of fabric.
--Cut a circle out of the bigger piece of fabric and applique it on to the t-shirt - you will probably want to use a stabilizer on the back side of the t-shirt (makes shirts easy to sew onto).

Micah didn't stop at the shirts - she then made corker bows - something I've never done but really need to!  I'm sure you can google a how to, but I think they involve soaking and wrapping ribbon around dowel rods, then baking them in the oven.  Aren't the balloons a nice touch??

Then she went a whole step further and made a tulle and a ribbon tutu - what more could the girls want?!

Super cute, right?!?!


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8 Fabulous Comments:

LOVE IT!!! We are Packers fans too! Can't wait for Sunday night!!!! So cute!

You are awesome Mandy thanks.

Love these! Total Packer fans here...(we even changed the background to our blog LOL) So excited for the Sunday night!

Love it! Go Pack Go! I might need to whip one of these up before Sunday so the kid can do an outfit change!

So cute! We live in packer land and will be rooting for them too!

LOVE!!! GO PACKERS, form one CHEESHEAD to another!

cute micah! i was wondering what you were going to do! we are cheering for the packers because of you!

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