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Every Friday I’m going to feature a fellow SoYouThinkYou’reCrafty contestant from Season 5 – check out their blogs!

Kirstin and Jo @ KoJo Designs

We are Kirstin and Jordan, sisters who blog over at kojodesigns.  We’re both stay at home mama’s… Kirstin has a 2 year old, Burke, and a newborn baby, Piper Jane, and Jordan has two little girls, Keadryn (3) and Sayla (2), and she’s due with Number Three (another sweet baby girl!) in February.
Pretty much, we love to make things… We have slight addictions to pretty paper and fabric, love nothing more than putting together a kickin’ party or shower, and both still subscribe to Martha Stewart Weddings even though we’ve each been married for 7+ years- haha!  .
Other fun facts about us- Jordan loves salty treats, Kirst loves sweets, Kirstin’s favorite season is summer and Jord’s is winter, Jord would live in a hoodie and jeans if she could, Kirstin would wear a sundress every day if the weather permitted. In our pre-baby lives Kirstin taught elementary school in the ghetto and Jord gallivanted around the world, living in exotic places and learning Spanish and Arabic.  Oh, and we both LOVE travelling, Jesus, dark chocolate, happy hour at Sonic and being in the mountains.
Check them out at KoJo Designs.

KoJo Designs Crafts:

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