February 7, 2011


Remember several months ago when I begged you to help me win a fabric contest?  And then I won - -

Well, good and bad news - - good news, I finally got around to making the turtles - so cute!!  That's the new Amy Butler Fabric, using the Turtle Pattern from Heather Bailey:

Donna, who helped get me started on the contest, picked the one on the left.  So the one on the right is promised to one of you, who helped me out - -

BUT - the bad news - -

I can't find the list!!  Without the list, I can't randomly pick a winner!  Soo, IF and only IF (playing fair) you became a fan of Skye Reve Fabrics on facebook when I was begging you to, please leave a comment on this post so I can draw a winner for that cute little guy who's just waiting for a home.  Sorry about not having the list - I know I'm not to catch everyone, but here's to hoping!


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20 Fabulous Comments:

I'm pretty sure I did, when I look on FB is says I already like them

I did! Did you look through your tulle collection that stuff looked like an overgrown hedge in your basement

I am pretty sure that is when I joined too...I love the little turtles!!! hugs

I did! I didn't realize you had one, that is so awesome! Congrats!

You begged for help to win pretty fabric... I happily obliged :)

Oh, you bet I did...it did take a few reminders from you, but I did it!

I did, and I keep checking out their post on Facebook.

I would LOVE a turtle! I am actually the proud parent of a real live turtle, so this would be so fun to have!

of course i did! Those turned out so cute!

I "liked" the fabric on facebook! I hope I win!! I LOVE LOVE turtles.


I did ( I think) I'm not very FB savy, but I tried. :o)

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