Valentine’s Pillowcase Dress – and kid sewing!

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I think the PERFECT beginner sewing project is a Pillowcase Dress – you learn straight stitching, even making a casing, and you get a super cute item when you’re done (versus sewing a lame pillow or something).  And if you mess it way up, what are you out, a $0.25 used pillowcase- worth the risk!

Themed dresses, in review – Snowman, Pumpkins, Ghost:

 Did I mention my daughter got her own sewing machine for Christmas??  She’s already made the customary lame pillow for her doll, so moving on, I put HER in charge of designing and sewing the Valentine’s Pillowcase Dress.  So it was all her – I think she did great.

She picked out her fabric and trimmings.  I love that dangly ball stuff (does it have a name – pom pom trim?) and would have used more of it, but I think it was kind of hard for her to sew because after adding it to the top, she said that was enough.  She stuck a big ole heart in the middle – I would have made a small heart in the bottom corner or something.  You can tell it’s not perfect, but that’s part of the charm.  
With a young sewer, it’s really important that they have a good spot to work.  We have a couple of these kid desks, so I just moved one in to my craft room – it’s perfect because she can reach the pedal on the ground.  In other situations, I’ve put the pedal on a box so kids can reach it.  I love her little sewing machine – it’s a Janome, and it just goes forward, backward, and zig zag (which she was excited to use around the heart) – all you need.  I went to a sewing group and I took her machine instead of my own – it’s so light and easy to transport, and sews great, so it was the logical choice.

And yes, there was snow out when we took the picture – but light is so much better outside – here’s the “I’m cold – are we done yet??) look:

The Patched Jeans are a different fabric, but I still think they look cute with the whole outfit.  And yes, you may have noticed in the sewing-in-action pictures, the girls are loving the Curly Hair Trick.

So now, look forward to the next seasonal pillowcase for March – actually, just kidding – what would it be, a big creepy leprechaun head?? I’ll pass.

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    she did an awesome job! and it is fantastic that you are letting her have freedom to play and learn – that is how I learned and I love to sew to this day. How about a really cute 4 leaf clover or pot of gold? I look forward to these dresses ;)

  2. says

    I’m starring this so i remember to pull it out as a beginner sewing lesson when my girls are big enough to sew (they’re currently 2.5 and 6 months so we have some time). I love pillowcase dresses!
    And I’m with the above commenter, do a big shamrock! Even better if it can be sparkly. :)

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    Your daughter did a great job! Love the hair also! What is a good age to start teaching sewing? My daughter is almost 3 and loves to be right there with me when I sew. Her current job is to hand me pins (carefully).

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    Oh, how I love this, and oh how I am laughing that I am not even skilled enough to sew as well as your daughter! She has skills!
    I featured this darling post on my Friday Favorites post, so thank you for sharing your awesome project.

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