WIWW – color non-matching

So from the very few fashion ideas I hear of, it seem like the best way to match is not to match – is that right?? Thoughts?  I tried keeping that in mind with these outfits – here we go – -

I bought this green jacket thing at a thrift store – it fit really well.  On the display they had it hanging with a fuchsia shirt, so that’s what I wear it with.  The stepping-outside-the-box with this is the Orange Jewelry – non-matching – does it go??  I think it goes with the green, but with the shirt, I’m unsure – but I wore it to playgroup anyways (hence the bad lighting – McD’s Playplace)

So Above:
–jacket – Candies – thrifted, $4
–shirt – Downeast – sale, $5?
–jeans – Downeast – product review
–shoes – thrifted, $4
–jewelry – local resale shop – $10

Moving on, this is my normal wear – plain shirt and jeans.  To step it up I added the necklace – but I went crazy with a non-match of pink instead of something safe like black.  And note I’m wearing “fun” socks.

–shirt – Downeast – sale, $8
–jeans – Downeast – product review
–necklace – crafted by me
–watch – Chunky Bling

And a third view for this week – I found this drapey shirt sweater thing on clearance for $5 – it’s navy and I thought I should get it since I don’t own anything navy.  Well at home I realized I don’t like navy because I never know what to wear with it – brown shoes, black shoes, what?!  Anyways, for a non-match, I stuck on light blue jewelry to go with navy – kind of out of my box, but I think it was a go.

–sweater – Charlotte Russe – $5
–tank – Charlotte Russe – $2
–jeans – hand-me-down?
–jewelry – local resale shop – $10

So, let’s here it – any advice on color non-matching?? I love how you all tell-it-like-it-is – isn’t that what we all need when it comes to fashion…

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    They say purple doesn’t match with grey and green, but in me, they look great!
    I love your options, specially the first one:)



  2. says

    I think you did just fine! If you are having a hard time finding shoes for your navy, go with something fun colored or a metallic. Either is fun. I am a total “color” girl. It’s funny to see me and my sister next to each other because she is all grey/black/brown/white and I look like a bag of skittles! Remember, it doesn’t have to match; it just has to go. (Clinton and Stacy from What Not to Wear)

  3. says

    I don’t know about the non-matching, but I know bold contrasting is all the rage right now. In saying that, all your outfits are so cute and I LOVE your first outfit!!! Totally stylish and the necklace adds that amount of pop to make it even cooler!

  4. says

    Just because it doesn’t match doesn’t mean it doesn’t go, know what I mean? I think they all work!! But that’s just me because I’m a color fiend.

  5. says

    I’m impressed! I tend to go very matchy matchy and whenever I see people who go ‘outside the box’ I am inspired to try it, then I wuss out!! Love all the looks though, you did a great job!

  6. says

    I wish I was more brave with my wardrobe. On other people, mixmatched colors and jewelry looks great, but on me, I feel like it clashes. So then I end up looking boring because everything matches so well. Sigh.

  7. says

    Orange and green together make me gag; but I think that’s just a personal issue I have. I know I tend to get too matchy-matchy and feel very brave if I ever break that. Those are the kind of outfits I would never wear myself but would think looked good on someone else.

  8. says

    I love the navy outfit. I always end up with Gray shoes when I wear navy. I am also trying for the not so matchy match but never seem to be able too. Good job on it

  9. says

    The third outfit is my favorite! You really worked that one so great!! The thing with Navy, is that brown or black can go depending on accessories and such.. I think anyway.
    Green and pink are a great color combo!

  10. says

    I think all your outfits are great and especially love the pink/green/orange, although I would wear an accessory that has two of the three colors in it- but not a must.

    I always wear pink shoes with my navy blue shirt. Any COLOR of shoes will work- navy is kind of ‘neutral’ so don’t worry- wear something colorful and cute!

  11. says

    I love the last outfit you are wearing. It looks awesome, and even your everyday #2, is totally more than me, o any regular day, lol. Do pajamas count, for WIWW, he he.

    I really want to start doing a post on this too, maybe I’ll actually get dressed hugh? Today I did, but no pictures, because I look ridiculous, lol.

    Hope you link up this week!
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    Bella :)

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