WIWW – discussing jeans – and a SUPER giveaway!!

Anyways, here’s a Flower Box Top. I bought from them when everything on sale was 50% off (after Christmas) so it was $15.  I love it – I think it’s a little out of my comfort zone with the embellishment, but not too crazy.  (And I might venture to say it does the impossible task of making me look a bit voluptuous – humor me people…)
I wore it for dinner out with Trevor – dressed up, but not all out – perfect. 

I wore those garage-sale trouser jeans and look what I found in my closet – fashionable (right!?) flats – I had bought them a few years ago for a Christmas party (sale, $5, JC Penney?) and hardly ever wear them because I never thought they were daily-wear-with-jeans type of shoes – but I’m embracing it.  And no socks – you should be proud.

And here we are back home, ready to watch never-ending past episodes of The Office – we’re party animals.  Love when the kids invite themselves to spend the night with their Grandparents! (And no, my head isn’t double the size of his – I’m holding the camera and hence my head is closer to it – oh, and he’s always making weird faces in pictures I insist on taking –  )

And so I learned – jeans are supposed to fit snug.  Did you know that?? I didn’t.  So here’s both pair (bigger pair on the left, smaller on the right) – in the end, I was worried about the waist fitting too tight on the smaller pair – but it didn’t.  What did happen was with the smaller pair, the legs/thighs fit a lot better. (Ignore the length on the big pair – I was going to hem them.)

After being washed and dried (yes, I dry everything, jeans included) – picture from one of my kids – I didn’t really notice a size difference after washing:

Now, I need to discuss jean length – any opinions??  The pair I have is a little long, but I don’t want to hem them, because what if I wear shoes with a heel/wedge – then they need to be long.  But when I wear flats, they’re a tad too long – what do you do? Do you have a long pair and a short pair of the same jeans??

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    I am going to admit something..I have never heard of Downeast Basics. Really! And I am IN LOVE!! I love those jeans you picked out!
    And as far as the new arrivals, I love the Pearl girl shirt!

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    I am with you with jeans… to hem or not to hem??? I end up hemming because I end up in flats more often than anything with a heel.

    I love the Draped and Dazzle top from DownEast basics!

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    I also love the well read cardi! Very cute and could be dressed up or down.
    As to your question about length of jeans. I do one of two things. I have some jeans that are almost the same exact jean, one hemmed shorter and one for taller shoes. Or, I also have one darker color pair of jeans that are a bit dressier that I have for tall shoes and end up having most of my other relaxed style jeans hemmed for flats or tennis shoes. Good Luck!

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    Perfectly Pretty Skirt…very sweet and retro feeling! As far as jeans go, I loooove your new jeans, I always err on the side of a little too tight since they do stretch out with wear. I also have a variety of jean lengths so I can select based on my shoes. If I happen to find a pair I really love, I sometimes buy two pairs just for this reason. Just an FYI I dry everything too…and I don’t hand wash (IMO that’s what the gentle cycle is for!), I am a laundry rebel ;)

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    I’m new to your site, and I’m so glad I have stumbled upon it! Love some of your sewing ideas for my two little girls and now a giveaway – perfect! :) I’ve never heard of Downeast before, but they have super cute stuff with such reasonable prices!! The Chic Shirt Dress might be my favorite of their new arrivals, but there are a lot of cute tops to choose from!

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    WOW!! I have never heard of DownEast Basics. I was hooked when I saw the jeans you modeled. BTW…You have such a great figure!! These jeans remind me of the MISS ME jeans but have such a better price. I would love the Quaint Cardi in the new arrivals section. My fingers are crossed.

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    Love that Real Ruffle Tee. The jeans look great! I’ve looked at their jeans several times but have never ordered. I need to be able to try them on before I buy. Thanks for the giveaway!=)

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    I like the sculptured T. But I am not sold on the ordering clothes online. ONly for my kids. The things that I like and the things that fit my actual body are usually VERY DIFFERENT!

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    I love Downeast Basics! (I’m still a little afraid to buy jeans online, though!) I just bought the Miss Maiden top, and I *love* it. I also have my eye on the Blooming Beads top, and the Draped and Dazzle Top (a little out of my comfort zone, but that’s half the fun, right?)

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    I just got their catalog in the mail today, and there are so many things I would love to order…but overall I love the Chic Shirt Dress. Thanks for your review of their jeans Mandy. I have been hesitant to order jeans from them, because I have never ordered jeans online.

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    I follow down east on facebook.

    And I wanted to tell you I love the new top,especially the color it looks great on you, jeans look better with flats and your flats are oh so cute. You are becoming more comfortable with your style choices, and your hair cut is so cute, does not look like old lady hair.

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    I love the bias stripe cardigan, and the lace lover tee! I just got my DE February catalog in the mail and I am excited to look through it. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

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