WIWW – flowing tank issues

Another What I Wore Wednesday – trying to “step up my look” – first up, I normally put this gray cropped sweater thing (garage sale – wahoo!) with a white shirt – because it has white strips, and that’s how I think.  But here I went out of the box and wore it with a pink shirt – I like it!

 So above:
Gray Sweater – garage sale ($1?)
Pink Shirt – DownEast, $10
Skinny jeans – Walmart, Black Friday, $8
Boots – Kohls, Black Friday, $20

Then for an evening church meeting I took off jeans and threw on a skirt – and look at those crazy tights – fun, right??  I know my skirt is dated because it’s light denium, but I’m hoping the fun tights counteract it – – warning, angles of photos taken from kids aren’t flattering….

–Lace Shirt, DownEast, on sale, $8
–Fashion Scarf, Target Black Friday, $5
–Boots, Walmart years ago, $20
–Jewelry, local shop, $10 set

You’re probably noticing I have yet to rearrange my pictures – in time.  So I ventured into Charolotte Russe for the first time, and they had some cute stuff.  But I only wanted stuff on sale, so I found a few things on the sale rack, including this flowing tank thing for only $2.  I thought it seemed “in” and for $2 I went for it.  But now, I don’t know – am I wearing it right??  I probably need a necklace.  Maybe I should be wearing leggings and not jeans??  Ideas people??  Should I just cut my losses and never wear it again??  It just seemed awkward (although super comfy…..) –

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  1. says

    1. I think you should unbutton the bottom button on the cropped sweater.
    2. I LOVE it! If you want you could always dye the skirt. Not too hard to do.
    3. I made a shirt similar to this and sent the pics to my very fashionable sister. Her response was to tell me to stop watching Hannah Montanna. And I do b/c I have a 10y/o daughter! She said that I should shorten the straps and use a belt or scarf to make it empire waisted. It looks great now!

    Her point was that there are some styles that our age (I’m 30) eliminates us from wearing. And the truth is that a lot of those styles are unflattering and the only reason Hannah Montanna can get away with it is b/c she’s a teenager.
    Last year I started stepping up my style and I really have to work hard and ask for lots of help b/c I just don’t get it. But what I did was start searching out styles and decided on two that I love and would feel comfortable in. I chose ‘casual classic’ and ‘natural boho’ (not gypsy boho).
    Anyway, now when I’m shopping I pick up a piece and ask myself- “Is this casual classic or natural boho?” If I can’t imagine it in an outfit like that but it would look adorable with jeans and Chucks, well then I put it back on the rack. No matter how much I like it. I still have a lot of problems with shoes and accessories. And pony tails! I spent ten years in a pony tail and that’s a hard habit to break. I keep trying though!
    Good luck, and I love watching you go through this process. It really helps to feel like I’m not the only one trying to tame the fashion world. I just hope that I can teach my daughter to do it before it’s too late, lol!

  2. says

    The flowing tank thing is cute. I agree with Alisonswhim somewhat when she says it is a little young, but at the same time I think it fits your style. I can easily see it in the same closet as the first look.

    I think a long necklace would definitely add to the look. Something with modern shapes and/or bright colors.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one trying to step up my look.

  3. says

    I’m still undecided on the whole tights movement. I get that nylons are grandma-ish, but I’m a 32 year old mother of 5, and I just hate it when you see moms wearing things they probably stole from their teen daughter’s closets and looking ridiculous. I think the teal tights work with that outfit; I found some cute, colorful, patterned tights at Target, but I’m pretty sure I would look ridiculous in them…

  4. says

    okay, well maybe people would go crazy with what I wear…but, your last outfit is darling! I do not think it looks too young at all. I would most likely wear it with the jeans and do ballet flats instead of the boots. I wear tights all the time and never feel like I am trying to be too young. Go for it!! You look darling

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