February 16, 2011

WIWW - Sunday Dress Edition (and GIVEAWAY!)

 Be sure to see the bottom of the post - Shabby Apple Dress giveaway alert- - 

For me, Sunday is a dressy occassion - either skirt or dress.  So what to wear??

This past Sunday was close to Valentine's Day, so I went with this pink sweater thing - it has a fur trim around the neck and wrists, so it's a little out-there for me.  I feel like a sophisticated lady with fur trim.  But I tried to roll with it - I added my pearl necklace.

Sweater - from my mom, who found in on sale years ago - $5? - I hardly ever wear it, but something about it just won't let me get rid of it.
Skirt - ?? - I think it's too big and makes me look hippy, but I think gray and pink go together (right?) so I wore it
Black Boots - walmart, $35, 5+ years ago

Oh, I just remembered I have another gray skirt - The Snowball Skirt - maybe I should have worn it?

Sometimes I get stuck in a skirt rut - so I've been trying to wear more dresses lately.  These are a couple of the newer dresses I have in my closet  - - - others I've had since high school - really.
I like my newer dresses and think I should keep going in that direction.  Dress shopping can be so intimidating though!  But I've found an online shop I'm loving - Shabby Apple.  So I'm really excited to offer you a chance to win a dress from them.

I haven't tried a Shabby Apple dress yet, but I'm on the brink.  Did you know you can shop by body type? You answer a few questions and it points out dresses right for your body - that's the kind of fashion help I need!


A few from the list recommended for me that I love:

This is Amy Butler Fabric - of course I love it!

A littler dressier than I normally go for, but I really like it:

Shouldn't I own a "little black dress"??
Bette D.
Bette D. 

So, what can you win?? - the L'Amour Dress - cute, right?? - you know I love green - really wish I could win!
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So, how to win??  2 chances - leave a separate comment for each entry:

--Check out the women's dresses  at www.shabbyapple.com and let me know which dress is your favorite.

--Become a fan of ShabbyApple on facebook (you'll get exclusive deals, etc) and let me know you did so.

And if you find a dress you just have to have, you can get 10% off using the coupon code   "craftedition10off"

Good Luck!  I'll pick a winner via Random.org next Wednesday, Feb 23rd.


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142 Fabulous Comments:

I think the La'mour dress is actually my favorite!

I am a fan of shabby apple on facebook!

i'm in love with the cider dress!


I like them on facebook


I absolutely love them and am a fan on facebook and Jacob's pillow is my favorite dress. lauraschlofman@gmail.com

oh they are so nice and I don't even wear dresses...like ever.

The L'Amour is one of my favorites! I'm looking for a dress to wear to law school prom next month (cheesy I know) and it would be perfect!

I am a fan of shabby apple on facebook!!

I LOVE the l'amour dress! My new years resolution is to not purchase any clothes this year...and I would LOVE to win so I could have a nice dress for weddings this summer!

Burn the shirt your mom bought you, she over paid at $5 ;)

The link to shappyapple.com says service unavailable:( So can't take a look to enter.

I tried to go to the site, but it seems to down right now. :-( I really want to check out the dresses!

I love the Cider Dress.
Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

I am actually already a fan of Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

I don't know how anyone could pick just one...I love almost every single one from the South Pacific collection!

I simply adore the Le Soleil dress - the cheerful yellow color and the sweet pleats. I could wear it to work, and out with the girls!

I LOVE the Manager Director Dress!


I like Shabby Apple on FB!


I love the style of the Red Fir dress although I don't think the red would look too good on me.

It's SO hard to pick ... I'm loving the "Girl Next Door" dress!

I really like the consultant dress...


Im a fan of shabby apple on fb!!

how can you pick. by fav.s are trapeze, penelope and odysseus, and carousel. But I have to say the sleepy vishnu pants look AWESOME!!!

How fabulous! It has taken me years to come to terms with the fact that green is my favorite color so her shop I LOVE LOVE LOVE. And the Appalacia dress is my fave! Pencil skirt with an apple green top can't be beat. Thanks for the chance to win!

Hmm too many to choose from!!! I do love the bon voyage dress, but I have a lot of favs!

sarah8914 at gmail dot com

Ooh! I love these dresses. My favorite is the Bonheur dress.

There are so many I love. I think my favorite is the Cider dress.

My favorite dress is the skyscraper collection!! Love it!


My favorite dress is the skyscraper collection!! Love it!


I'm with Kate- LOVE the Cider dress!!! SOOOO cute and I'm drawn to the purple zipper!

Love the Pina Colada dress!

L'Artiste is my favorite!!!!

I love love Shabbyapple dresses.


I'm loving the cider dress!


I liked shabby apple on facebook!


My favorite is the MAUNA KEA. It was so hard to choose just one!

the bon voyage dress is super cute!

I like Shabby Apple on FB

I love the garden isle dress.. but they are all darling!

I LOVVVVVEEEE the Bette D. dress!! SO cute!

I LOVE the "Ming"
It is beautiful!!!!

LOVE the Bette D. Really, aren't all their dresses just fantastic? I think a closet full would be lovely.

Oh- and of course, I follow them on Facebook.

I love that L'Amour dress...green is fabulous!


I'm a fan of Shabby Apple on FB.


Really hard to chose, but the Mt. Greylock dress is lovely.

This is great. A chance to win a dress for me, not my lil' miss? How fun. I really like the Cider dress.

I really like the Sequoia dress.

My fave Shabby Apple dress of the moment... Cause I LOVE alot of them. ;) The Garden Isle dress!

FYI - Pink and gray DO go together... I think the pink shirt you wore with the other gray skirt would be TOO much detail... Fur and the flowers would be too over the top.

I love the G. Cooper dress! Love the vintage styles

I love the consultant dress and the whole south pacific line! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

i like them on facebook stephanie woodson scg00387 at yahoo dot com

I like Sheep Meadow and Ming but I think they are all so cute!


I found Shabby Apple on fb.. (Jessie Prince)


the cortez dress is AMAZING!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH

So many great choices! I think I like Fork Tailed Devil best.

I am a fan of Shabby Apple on FB.

Oh, I want to contribute. At this stage in my life, I think I like the Eggplant Dress called Aphrodite.

I love the purple Balleria dress!

I "like" on Facebook!

I like Sierra Nevada and just about every other dress they have!


I love the chic shirt dress, so cute!

I am drawn to the Champs Elysees or the Tres Jolie. I am a sucker for the full skirt. So sassy!

I love the cider dress, too!

They are all beautiful so it's really hard to pick a favorite! I like the gray fox dress

I liked the on facebook.

i LOVE the Atlantic Fog Dress!!


i follow them on facebook!!


The Bon Voyage dress is my favorite. emandsam@gmail.com

I too am a great lover of dresses and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage looks of Shabby Apple! I love a lot of the dresses, but I would have to say my favorite is the yellow Le Soleil. So cute!

I am now a fan of Shabby Apple on facebook! :)

I love the Penelope and Odysseus dress!

There are so many amazing dresses to chose from. I think my favorite is Garden Isle. It looks so cute and would be so nice for summer!

The Bon Voyage Dress is SUPER cute :) Thanks for the chance to win!

"like" shabby apple on facebook :)

Shabby Apple has such great dresses! I think Nantucket is my favorite.. It is hard to pick just one! :)

I like Shabby Apple on Facebook! :)

Looove the Cider! But, I can't pick just one favorite! :)

I like the Champs Elysees

The Sheep Meadow dress is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love, love, love the Azure coast dress. CarolinaKate02 at hotmail dot com

I'm a fan on Facebook of Shabby Apple - CarolinaKate02 at hotmail dot com

Their dresses are sooo cute! One of my favorites is the Mauna Kea.

I just love the Atlantic Fog dress!

I like Shabby Apple on FB as Tabitha SWain Klucking.

I "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook!

I love the Partner dress and the CEO dress. So gorgeous!

And so you dont think I just picked one on your blog, I love nine to five also.

But at $88 I would have to seriously consider the purchase, and it would have to be something I could wear alot!

I am a follower of shabby apple on facebook


My favorite dress in Jacob's Pillow. It's amazing!! But then they're all wonderful.

I love the San Gabriel dress!

I am soooo excitd for this giveaway...whether or not I win! I am a FB follower!

And I am seriously in love with the Aloha dress!

I love the Madison Ave. dress.
so classy!

I'm a fan on Facebook
megangaughan at yahoo dot com

The El Capitan dress is my favorite!
megangaughan at yahoo dot com

I love ALL the Yosemite dresses, but my fave has to be Sierra Nevada.

I love the pina colada dress!


fan on facebook!

kmc.love @ gmail.com

I love the black oak dress. In fact, I wish I had it to wear to a wedding this weekend!

I love the Cleopatra dress :)

I LOVE the Carousel dress - it's been a favorite of mine for awhile now. :)


I like the Azure coast dress. sydneyv at yahoo dot com

L'Artiste - Love it!

I also liked Shabby Apple on facebook!

Hello! I love the L'Amour dress!

I like the freshwater pearl dress.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I love love love the cider dresss

Im a fan on FB

LUV them all- favs are consultant, kuna crest and antiquated


Really hard to pick a favorite, but I am so loving the bon voyage dress!

The l'amour dress!! (In Paris, of course... but maybe here too) :)

And I'm a fan of Shabby Apple on facebook!

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