5 Minute Skirt

Yes, you read that right: 5. Minute. Skirt.  All thanks to Ruffle Fabric – this stuff is amazing.  The fabric is so great, you just have to sew it together and it’s ready to wear – awesome.

Here’s the tutorial for a 5 minute skirt, which took 10 times longer to write than it did to sew the skirt (but that’s probably how all tutorials go….)

The piece of fabric I had was a little less than 1/2 a yard.  It’s 48in wide, so I just cut it in half and had plenty to make 2 skirts (my girls are 4 and 6 and pretty true to size).  (FYI on cost – 1 yard is $15, so the 1/3 yard I used was $5, and cut in half it makes for $2.50 each skirt – what a deal).  So this is about 15 inches by 24 inches:

I measured the elastic to fit their waist (21 inches) – see how the fabric is wider than the elastic – that’s to make room for the booty.

Normally you’d make a casing and thread the elastic through, etc.  Not for the 5 minute skirt.  Since the elastic is so fun you want it to show.  And so the quick version – just stretch your elastic to the same length as the fabric and pin it – you might need help to hold it while you pin it, unless you have 3 hands.  Pin it to the right side of the fabric – -

Then you’re just going to sew along the bottom edge of the elastic.  You’ll have to pull the elastic taunt while you’re sewing to keep it stretched out to match the fabric.

After that, just lined up the edges (right sides together, aka inside-out) and sew that seam.  And you’re done – how long did it take??  Quick, right!?!

And isn’t it So Cute!!  They got lots of compliments – –

Are you noticing that I didn’t have enough of the elastic to make 2 skirts – want to know how to make one with hidden elastic??  It’s still only 5 minutes – -

When you pin your elastic, pin it on the back side of the fabric.  Stretch out the elastic the length of the fabric, just as described above.

Be sure to flip up the top ruffle and then fold over the edge of fabric as shown above.  And sew it that way, as shown below:

If you do it that way, the seam will be hidden under the first ruffle, like so:

And it will look like this:

See, easy!

So what did I do with my little piece of extra elastic??  A matching headband, of course – stay tuned for that…

Cute Sisters

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    I just found some of this fabric in the remnants section, and I’m still debating on what exactly to do with it, it’s SO awesome, love the skirts, maybe I’ll be making me a new skirt with it…

  2. says

    These skirts are really cute! I tried one using the circle skirt pattern and it only turned out so-so. I think I’ll try this one with my remaining fabric. I love the elastic!

  3. says

    Last week a bought a similar ruffled fabric, in pink… It’s going to be the bottom of a dress :)
    Lovely and fun your skirts!


  4. says

    I love that we both had the same idea. These skirts are darling and your girls look so cute in them. I featured you over on my site. Feel free to come by and check it out.


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