March 14, 2011


Did you notice my new header??  What's new you ask - -

it used to say "Craft Edition" and now it just says "crafts" - radical change, I know.

What brought about the change??  Did you notice??

I have my VERY OWN URL - eek!  This craft blog is all grown up :)
You should be redirected so it won't affect you, but if you just want to be cool and use the new address, it's

Thanks for the blog support everyone - this is so exciting for me!  Couldn't have done it without you reading along!


About Author:

Mandy is a craft blogger who loves to blog and enjoys all things crafty, sewing, and DIY - she feels that if she can do something, you can too, and provides tutorials to help you along the way. She loves being a mom to 4 awesome kiddos and blogs from the Kansas City Area. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Google +

7 Fabulous Comments:

As soon as I saw "Big News," I knew. Yay! You're a ".com" girl! That's awesome!


Congrats! How long have you been blogging?

Fabulous!!! You encouraged me to get my own .com too:-)

yayy!!! :) You go girl!!! :) haha

Yay! Congratulations! That is a very exciting step, keep going!

Oh My Heck!! I just did this too!!! Don't you feel like a Big Girl!! I do! So fancy...with my pinky out drinking tea.

Way too cool... COngrats!!!

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