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Just in case you’re wondering what I did in my toddler’s room since I moved out his dresser.  We had this other dresser in our toy room which I cleared out when I redid our Playroom. I painted it blue and sprayed on a clear coat which gave it a nice sheen.  I got the handles from CSN and love the huge change they brought to the dresser.  This is a dresser that can transition into a big-boy room for sure!  Now, to transition the rest of the room…..

I don’t have a before picture, but it was *lovely*  – you can tell just from a glimpse of the drawer fronts, which I did take a picture of –

Oh, and I might take pictures/blog too much when my toddler requests random things be photographed – “Picture of Woody”, “Picture of Me”, “Picture of my Blanket” – how could I say no  :)

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    did you make that picture hanging above the dresser? it’s hard to tell, is it painted on, made from yarn on a cork board…? it looks great and the kiddo is super cute! the boys i watch are totally into toy story too!

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    Very cute- good job! My 4 year old is always asking me to take random pictures too- my favorite is everyday after we make his bed and he arranges his stuffed animals!

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    I think it looks great! :0)
    I too love the rubber band letter/art above the dresser. Did you make that? I searched your blog but couldn’t find anything…. do you have a tutorial for it?
    we are in the process of changing our kids’ room to more of a “big” boy/girl room! FUN!

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