March 17, 2011

Break Time

Not a lot, but sometimes, my kids get ignored when I'm trying to get a project done.  Sometimes they "get" to watch TV (lucky them, lucky me - too bad it rots their brain).  Sometimes they bring their fun to me - -

But it's Spring Break this week so I'm outta here - long weekend ahead, doing fun things:
 Eating yummy deliciousness:
Skillet Sausage Medley

So if I don't respond to emails right away, it's because I'm partying without you!  The kids are SO EXCITED.  Me too!   But don't you worry, the blog will be rolling without me - so enjoy!

Oh and aren't these little mini-guys just the cutest?!?


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Good for you....have fun!! My girls won't let me forget last spring break when my fun consisted of painting the family room!! :)

Enjoy your Spring vacation Mandi!! :)

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